March 6, 2016 by Robert
Great lens but one problem within a few days of getting it
It's a great lens, but one problem so far. The lens hood is stuck in the extended position and I can't retract it. Tried turning it as hard as I can. Sounds minor, but it means I can't fit the lens into my camera case. Apart from this, the lens does take great photos handheld on my Olympus EM5. I bought it to take bird photos, and to be able to travel overseas, and it is admirably suited for these purposes.
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May 6, 2021 by Jeff
Great clear lens (5 stars). Concerns on reliability (2 Stars)
Very clear, crisp, bright images. It is a big lens by Olympus standards, but small compared to what a FF equivalent would be. My only reservation on it is that it developed an issue with the manual focus clutch shortly after I got it. It is out for warranty service and I am out $54 for shipping and insurance. Hopefully, the repair will be quick, effective, and permanent.
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