April 20, 2016 by Deborah
Compact, manageable and powerful. What I've always wanted! Using mostly for Bird Photography. In addition to the 1.4 teleconverter gives great reach. Images are sharp when I can actually get the bird. Not used to having the increased telephoto power, takes some practice to locate a closer subject. Love the quick switch to manual focus and the image stabilization feature. Looking forward to more time and practice with the lens.
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March 25, 2016 by KENT M. The PhotogDog
First off I own 2 Oly E-M1's and love them both, one Black and one Silver... I now own and use all 5 of the new Oly MFT Pro Lens Line-Up, plus the Oly FT Pro 300mm f2.8 Tele Lens. Secondly, I am a Nikon Pro equipment user for over 53 years. Olympus has won me over and everything else is gathering dust. Now for the New MFT Pro 300mm f4 lens. It is a beauty, hands down. After using it a bit and having it break-me-in, LOL, It is outstandingly sharp, IS in combination with the E-M1, hand held is to die for! I am mostly a action sports shooter, Football, Basketball, Lacrosse, Water Polo, Surfing, Track and Baseball. The only down side is the f4 limitation with this great Pro 300mm f4 lens and having to crank up the ISO etc. in low light or poor stadium indoor/outdoor lighting. For bright daylight, this lens will get the ACTION job done but not so in low-light, I leave it at home and use my Killer, Stop Action Olympus FT 300mm f2.8, with the MMF-3 and the EE-1 Dot Sight! This combo gets "IT DONE!". My other E-M1 is paired up with my Pro 40-150mm f2.8. The only other gripe I have, so to speak, is the lens hood! Olympus has a great idea and they should have used the same concept as the have on my MFT Pro 40-150mm f2.8!! I am looking to remove the hood and find a screw-on hood to replace this binder hood. "It does lock-up and almost impossible to retract. Aside from low-light limitations (FOR ACTION ONLY) and the poor hood design, this lens is a star. I am writing a request to Olympus Corp in Japan and asking them to consider building a MFT Pro 300mm f2.8 or f2.0 lens with all the features my little jewel (Pro MFT 300mm f4) has, less the existing hood design. Now that would be a dream lens for sure. In closing, overall, this is a great lens to have and yes, I would get it again after owning this one and I do recommend getting it...! Build quality is spot on, "Top Cabin" and exceeds my older FT Pro 300mm f2.8 lens, Kind-a-Maybe! V/R The PhotogDog
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March 6, 2016 by Robert
Great lens but one problem within a few days of getting it
It's a great lens, but one problem so far. The lens hood is stuck in the extended position and I can't retract it. Tried turning it as hard as I can. Sounds minor, but it means I can't fit the lens into my camera case. Apart from this, the lens does take great photos handheld on my Olympus EM5. I bought it to take bird photos, and to be able to travel overseas, and it is admirably suited for these purposes.
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February 26, 2016 by Glenn
Amazing lens!
This lens focuses very quickly on an EM-1, even in pretty dim light. The lens doesn't "hunt" even when focusing on nearby objects. The close focusing ability is welcome! The image stabilization is truly impressive when hand held even with the 1.4 extender. The images seem to be really sharp, although I haven't evaluated them closely yet. It's heavy, but it handles pretty well and works good with the dot sight.
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