May 19, 2021 by mohammad
Amazing gem
This lens is a gem …. In no shape or form it can be rivaled by competition, handled, at low shutter speed and you get razor sharp image wide open at f4 without being tired and enjoying your shoot….NO ONE … NO ONE ….can do that but OLY…!!!!!!!
June 16, 2020 by Mary
Very sharp, incredible photos.
Love this lens, it is incredibly sharp. I am able to hand hold while shooting birds and still get great sharp shots.
May 11, 2020 by John
Awesome lens!
I am in love with this lens! Fast focus, brilliant, crisp photos. IS works flawlessly! Paired up with my E-m1 mark II, very potent!
January 29, 2020 by Jeff
Incredible lens that produces sharp images. Love it when combined with the 2x Teleconverter! Either combination allows you to get great shots of wildlife and birds from a distance. So glad I bought this lens!
August 1, 2019 by Richard
Sharpest lens I own.
This is an amazingly sharp lens. To get similar quality at 600mm equivalent in a Nikon or Canon lens you would have to pay at least double. .
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