July 31, 2018 by Rudy
A giant of a little lens.
An unbelievable buy for this focal range especially when you consider its size compared to its 35mm equivalents. Excellent performance up to 200mm and OK beyond that. I am comparing its performance to my 70-300mm Canon L on an 18 megapixel APS-C body.
January 30, 2018 by Kevin
Reach out!
Perfect lens to reach out and get that shot. Lightweight and smooth. The price was perfect for what you get. I would've given it five stars if it was weatherproof
October 1, 2017 by Bob
Great for the price
Great for the price
May 10, 2019 by Diane
I Want to Love This Lens
I have had the lens about a month now and while I have not given up on it, I am struggling to get any consistent focus no matter what the settings. When it has gotten focus the quality of the image is wonderful, it is just so rare to get focus in a situation where my other lens hits focus consistently. So far I have more keepers with the plastic fantastic 40-150 lens with a heavy crop. All new equipment takes some time to kind of find the sweet spot and get the best out of it, so I keep trying, but I am staring to wonder if this is a hit or miss lens and some copies are better than others? Diane, Please contact Olympus Technical Support for assistance with consistent focus using this lens. distec@olympus.com
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September 3, 2017 by jason
Poor in low light, slow autofocus
I like the focal length of this lens, but it is quite old and needs to be updated. The autofocus under darker conditions is unusable. It endlessly hunts. It's not a fast or bright lens. I like that Panasonic updated their version and made it weatherproof and faster, hopefully Olympus will do the same.
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