July 24, 2017 by Jay
Perfect lens to shoot a partial or total solar or lunar eclipse
Very useful lens for photographing eclipses. The wide end is useful for locating the sun or moon and then zooming in for a great partial or total eclipse picture. This lens is especially useful for the Solar Eclipse that will sweep across the US on August 21, 2017.
May 15, 2017 by Amber
Best value
Amazing telephoto lens. light weight, easy to carry around. amazing for wildlife. sharp beautiful photos. and an amazing price
April 24, 2017 by Eugenie
Great Lens
I really like my Olympus 75-300 mm telephoto lens. I think it’s a must in your camera bag. I absolutely love it and usually use it for wildlife. It is a very convenient and pretty light compared to some other lenses. It is a wonderful telephoto lens for the price.
November 25, 2016 by Steven Bornholtz
Great Zoom Lens
This is a great zoom lens and is very easy to hand hold. It acts on the long end like a 600mm lens on 35mm camera. This type of lens would either to heavy or big to hand hold or not stable enough to do, but I am able to use it like a street or event lens. I bought it originally to get closer to the Dragonboats when shooting the festival which it did great, but I have even used it capturing animals at the zoo that are too far away for most people to shoot. Needless I find this lens impressive.
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November 8, 2016 by Shay
Versatile, Fast AF, Economical
The lens is light in weight and, under the right conditions, can produce very sharp images. For the price, its hard to find a lens with this quality however there seem to be others on the market which are slightly faster (minus "pro" series lenses)
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