October 7, 2016 by Martha
Good All Purpose Lens
Nice all-purpose lens. I had to boost my ISO quite a bit to get the shutter speed fast enough through a moving bus. I like the weather proofing, and didn't worry when it rained. Weather proofing was a requirement for purchase. This lens got me through the trip to Iceland and Norway. I could use just one lens at F22 for front to back sharpness, then work the zoom for distant images. Wish it had the manual focus clutch. A few times, I had to break out the m.zuiko 75-300mm. Wish we had a teleconverter for this lens.
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January 21, 2016 by Dominic
Very satisfied!
I used it as m'y only lens on a trip to Barcelona and liked it, the zoom covers all kind of situations, all my images are perfectly clear even in low light conditions. Altough it is a little big and prevent me to put it in m'y pocket, I would totally recommend it. I plan to buy a projective Lens: after 2 days of use with care I happened to scratch it at 3 places.
November 21, 2015 by Phlash
Amazing, dollar for dollar
Light, flexible, sharp. Not the 40-150 PRO but pretty darn good lens, especially for the price. Used it for all but inside low light shots on a cruise and got some incredible shots at all focal lengths. With this and a fast prime or the 12-40 f/2.8, go anywhere in confidence. I took almost 300 keepers with this in 3 weeks. Balances very nicely on EM-1 and EM-10
July 11, 2015 by Rich
Very nice all around lens
I use this lens at family activities and during vacation travel. The zoom range is great. Unless you need a very long telephoto or very wide angle lens this lens does it all. Family activities included sports such as football and wrestling. Also used at birthdays Christmas, etc. I am very pleased with the build quality and the image quality. Be sure to get the hood it helps eliminate flare.
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