October 4, 2015 by Richard
Very good lens for travel and general use.
I purchased the 14-150 II lens specifically for travel during the summer. After using it for a short while it has turned out to be a much more useful and versatile lens than I expected. The focusing is quick and accurate. The lens is very sharp and has a very nice bokeh. Out of focus highlights have soft blended edges. I do not see vignetting at any focal length. There is a small amount of chromatic aberration at the long end but it is minor. This is a much better lens than the original m.4/3 14-150 which I tried and did not keep. In only two months it has become the primary lens on my e-m5.
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July 24, 2015 by Jerry
Very Good Lens, Stunning Quality
I have had this m-4/3 14-150 f/4.0-5.6 mark-2 lens for four days now, and I use it on the E-M1. There are some impressive updates that have been applied to the mark-2 upgrade. First, the original version 14-150 sported 13 lens elements in 10 groups; the mark-2 model had 15 lenses in 11 groups. And the original had only one ED lens element; the mk-2 has 1 ED, 1 DSA, one Aspherical ED, 3 HR lenses, an E-HR lens, and one Aspherical lens. This is a Major update! Half the lens structure has been updated!! I decided to shoot some flowers, to test the corner to corner resolution and contrast, and get a feel for the bokeh and image detail. My images came out very sharp and crisp, with fine contrast… and colors so accurate, rich and saturated… nice creamy out-of-focus backgrounds. Anyway, that is the most impressive, for me. The lens hood is included, and it stores easily over the lens barrel, as expected. I like the texture of the focus ring and zoom ring. (I never used the original version, so I cannot compare the change, but only state the new texture of the focus and zoom rings is very good). Also to note, the lens mount is stainless (not plastic) which I prefer exclusively. The zero coating does a good job… I found no ghosting in any image. Focusing was mostly very quick and accurate. Sometimes, when focusing on an object 30 or 40 feet away, then moving the focus point over a flower maybe 6 to 15 inches away, I could not get the lens to focus (bright yellow blurred flower in front of blurred green background). I finally had to back up a foot or so, and got focused, so maybe I was too close to the flower to come into focus, to begin with. I always set my camera to Spot Metering, single point focus, and S-AF +M focus mode, all stored as MySet-1. I use C-AF (for video) in MySet-2. The lens is really light wt and compact, but to mount it to my E-M1 I had to first remove the 12-40mm Pro lens. After removing the 12-40 Pro, I was certain the 14-150 was Never going to measure up... it just seemed so “less” of a lens.  But surprisingly, it performed well. I was very impressed with the images I shot. I got great sharpness, corner to corner, and very good contrast as well. This lens Does appear to be a major improvement over the original 14-150. (I have seen some rather soft images from the previous version lens). I have yet to get an image that seems soft (out of focus or with low contrast). I still plan on getting the 40-150mm f/2.8 Pro, but for now I intend to get a lot of use from this 14-150. The 14-150 mk-2 may not be quite as sharp as the 40-150 Pro, but it is closer than expected. I would also seriously recommend this lens to anyone not able to afford the 40-150 Pro (as is my present case). This lens seems like it can perform under any demand.
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July 21, 2015 by Jessica
Great and Versatile
I love this lens because I am able to capture both wide angle and zoom shots. I do a lot of backpacking and this lens is the only thing I need to bring when I am trying to cut back on bag weight. The image quality is also exceptional. This is a great versatile lens that allows a large of range of shots and I would highly recommend it. The wide angle is perfect for me because I am able to capture beautiful landscapes and architecture without any distortion.
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July 11, 2015 by Rich
Very nice all around lens
I use this lens at family activities and during vacation travel. The zoom range is great. Unless you need a very long telephoto or very wide angle lens this lens does it all. Family activities included sports such as football and wrestling. Also used at birthdays Christmas, etc. I am very pleased with the build quality and the image quality. Be sure to get the hood it helps eliminate flare.
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