October 7, 2016 by Martha
Good All Purpose Lens
Nice all-purpose lens. I had to boost my ISO quite a bit to get the shutter speed fast enough through a moving bus. I like the weather proofing, and didn't worry when it rained. Weather proofing was a requirement for purchase. This lens got me through the trip to Iceland and Norway. I could use just one lens at F22 for front to back sharpness, then work the zoom for distant images. Wish it had the manual focus clutch. A few times, I had to break out the m.zuiko 75-300mm. Wish we had a teleconverter for this lens.
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September 25, 2016 by Manny
Excellent build quality, weather sealed, excellent image quality, great focal length range for a walk about lens. Recommended.
I have this lens now for about 3 months. The build quality is solid. The lens mount is metal. The body I am not sure whether it is metal or plastic. Nevertheless it feels very solid and has got the right amount of heft to it which creates an impression of excellent build quality to me. The zoom ring offers reasonable resistance and is easy to zoom yet prevents situations where the zoom extends on its own due to gravity. Time will tell whether the lens zoom ring will sustain its current behaviour. It is weather-sealed. I use it my my OMD-EM1 which is also weather sealed. I have used it various conditions which includes rain, very humid environment, and various temperatures ranging from 32C to 7C so far. No issues. In typical Vancouver winter, I will test it outdoors and see how it survives the weather. I don't anticipate any issues. Picture quality is good also. It won't match the quality of prime lenses for sharpness and micro-contrast. However for the incredible amount of zoom offered, the picture quality is excellent. If you shoot JPG, then Olympus cameras will correct for most shortcomings of the lens and the resulting images will be excellent. If you shoot raw, a slight bump in the sharpness and contrast in post processing will result in excellent images. I am very happy with this lens. The colours produced by the lens are very good. Focus is instant, precise, and sure with the EM1, EM10, and EM5. Yes It works very well on all three cameras. This is an excellent walk around lens. Together with my EM1, I do not fear the weather elements, I recommend this lens to fellow M4/3rd shooters.
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September 21, 2016 by Nora
I was so hesitant reading some of the review about buying this lense. It was expensive for me, but happy I made the plunge
I just received my new lens @ 3 days ago, and ran out and started shooting with it. (Bear in mind that I am a point and shoot person) I was blown away by all the options and the variety of shots I could take with this lens. One thing I learned quickly though, was when I went into full zoom it took a second or 2 for the lens to adjust and capture a sharp image. I was just shooting quickly at my hearts delight. I was capturing birds running, flying moving quickly in all different directions. Once I realized I needed a little patience we became great friends. All I can say is I truly LOVE it, and so happy I took the plunge at buying it. It is your all in ONE lense
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September 5, 2016 by Marie
Perfect for Single Lens Travel
I travel for work and being an avid photographer, I could not leave my camera at home. However, weight and space limitations prevent taking a full complement of lenses, and this little gem was exactly what I was looking for. The zoom is fantastic, and I was quite delighted with the bokeh in close up shots. I have been contemplated taking a 30mm Sigma prime along too, but found that I was satisfied with this lens alone.
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February 17, 2016 by Tucson Jim
Great Travel Lens
I upgraded from an Olympus E-30 to an OM-D E-M1 because I wanted something smaller and lighter for traveling. I paired it with the 12-50 mm which is a fine, lightweight walk-around lens, but which couldn't always provide the reach I needed. Although I had an MMF-3 and a Zuiko 50-200 & 70-300 with EC14 & EC20 tele-converters schlepping all those extra lenses around for the handful of shots I would need them would defeat the purpose. The 14-150 solves the problem. No more missing shots or risking dropping a lens while fumbling around changing lenses. It is a well constructed and compact lens that sits very well on the E-M1 and the image quality is more than sufficient for vacation photos. And, it is weather resistant to boot Paired with the E-M1's 2X Digital Tele-converter I have from 14 to 300mm covered. More than adequate for vacation photos.
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