October 1, 2016 by Rudy
Great For Street Shooting
I've always used a 35mm FF lens. So, when I bought a M-5 I added a 17mm f1.8. This is a terrific lens, sharp, fast, great color rendition, light weight, and fast auto focus. I like the "clutch" mechanism that lets you change between auto and manual focus. I wish all Olympus had this feature. If you need a wide angle and can't afford the 12mm wide angle lens get this you will not be disappointed.
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October 1, 2016 by antennariidae
Like it!
I bought this to go along with my EM-10 to use as a "point and shoot" like camera. The lens is wide enough to get reasonable indoor shots and bright enough to do well without a flash. It is sharp enough for what I do with it and pairs well with the EM-10 to make a compact kit with good output.
July 8, 2016 by peter
A Gem for Street Photography
I received this lens as a birthday present from my son just last month. Normally I hold off a lot longer before writing a review, but I'm so pleased with the lens that I won't this time. Sharp, fast contrasty, fast and reasonably light around my neck. It's a great walking around lens, always ready if you set it to manual, f/5.6 or slower, and focus at its hyperfocal distance. Why do I stress that? Because it is virtually alone in the autofocus digital world in having the essentials: a manual setting that doesn't reset accidentally to autofocus; a focus scale on the lens; and enough DOF info to make it work. It's corner to corner sharp. And contrasty. I know that some of that comes from in-camera processing which corrects for known features of the lens, so it may not worth as well on LUMIX bodies. It is better when stopped down a stop or two, but what's surprising about that? If a lens designer could make a lens as sharp at f/1.8 as this one is at f/2.8 for the same cost, she would probably have stretched this one a tad and made a 1.4. Designers almost always expect some sharpness drop wide open. Hey, at f1.8 this lens is a heck of a lot sharper than its companion f/2.8 is when set to f/1.8....
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May 23, 2016 by Rui
Great way to improve you manual focusing skills
Love this lens, but unlike the other reviewers I tend to use more the 25 mm as I'm more comfortable with that focal range. This lens, the 17 mm which I'm reviewing now is great. If you are considering experimenting with manual focus and gaining a bit more control this lens is certainly a great way to. That was one of the reasons I got it: to learn, practice and move away from Auto mode. The snap ring is, as mentioned by other reviewers on youtube a bit wobbly, but works fine. All and all a fantastic lens to have, not really my focal length but I have used it in some occasions.
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April 29, 2016 by tsg
sharp, fast, wide
Sharp, fast, wide - three of my favourite things in a lens! This is my go to lens, it's always on my EM-5 unless I'm diving or shooting wildlife. Great for street photography and indoors / night time shooting.
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