December 6, 2016 by Santosh
Good lens
This is a good lens with very good image quality. Suitable for landscape photography but not very wide. Good for street photography. A little pricey !
November 1, 2016 by Clayton
Good all Around Lens
A good all around quick lens with a great a aperture. I like the manual focus clutch for my close up shots. A good lens for a variety of shots.
October 1, 2016 by Rudy
Great For Street Shooting
I've always used a 35mm FF lens. So, when I bought a M-5 I added a 17mm f1.8. This is a terrific lens, sharp, fast, great color rendition, light weight, and fast auto focus. I like the "clutch" mechanism that lets you change between auto and manual focus. I wish all Olympus had this feature. If you need a wide angle and can't afford the 12mm wide angle lens get this you will not be disappointed.
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October 1, 2016 by antennariidae
Like it!
I bought this to go along with my EM-10 to use as a "point and shoot" like camera. The lens is wide enough to get reasonable indoor shots and bright enough to do well without a flash. It is sharp enough for what I do with it and pairs well with the EM-10 to make a compact kit with good output.
July 8, 2016 by peter
A Gem for Street Photography
I received this lens as a birthday present from my son just last month. Normally I hold off a lot longer before writing a review, but I'm so pleased with the lens that I won't this time. Sharp, fast contrasty, fast and reasonably light around my neck. It's a great walking around lens, always ready if you set it to manual, f/5.6 or slower, and focus at its hyperfocal distance. Why do I stress that? Because it is virtually alone in the autofocus digital world in having the essentials: a manual setting that doesn't reset accidentally to autofocus; a focus scale on the lens; and enough DOF info to make it work. It's corner to corner sharp. And contrasty. I know that some of that comes from in-camera processing which corrects for known features of the lens, so it may not worth as well on LUMIX bodies. It is better when stopped down a stop or two, but what's surprising about that? If a lens designer could make a lens as sharp at f/1.8 as this one is at f/2.8 for the same cost, she would probably have stretched this one a tad and made a 1.4. Designers almost always expect some sharpness drop wide open. Hey, at f1.8 this lens is a heck of a lot sharper than its companion f/2.8 is when set to f/1.8....
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