March 16, 2016 by Anh-Huy
My Standard Everyday Lense
Back in the day, when film was still in, people were talking about 35mm photography. Well, this is the closest lens to that old standard. I received this lense as an Xmas gift a year ago. Since then, this lens has become the standard lens on our GX7 Panasonic camera. Initially, I was a bit concerned as the GX7 in-body stabilization is not quite as good as Olympus cameras 3- or 5-axis stabilization. But in reality, this has never turned out to be a problem at all because this lens is so quick with an aperture of f1.8. This aperture is very versatile. I go to f1.8 to get some nice bokeh effects of close-up portrait pictures. Indoors, I can just keep the aperture at 2.2 or so to capture my son run around and have him stop in mid-air as he jumps up and down. In dark restaurant lighting, I can just open up the lens to f2.0, and the pictures still turn out great AND look much more natural than pictures with flash would turn out to be. So even then, shaking is not an issue. I have also used this lens to do some night sky photography. Again the wide aperture helps to collect lots of light when it's dark. In dark night sky conditions, I can take beautiful pictures of the milky way with f1.8, Iso 3200-6400, and 20-25 second exposures. The focal length is perfect for most occasions from street pictures, to semi-portrait pictures where I actually want to capture the upper-body and face and not just the face....I like this focal length. I am a beginner and normally like zoom lenses. But this lens has forced me to frame pictures better and use my feet as the zoom. The manual clutch switch is a really nifty feature. It works well and feels intuitive. Zooming is super-fast. I whole-heartedly recommend this lens to any MFT camera - especially the GX7
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February 17, 2016 by Virgil
My Favorite Lens
I love this lens for not only its versatility but because the image quality it gives me are always excellent. I build models and do quite a bit of table top photography for magazine articles and books, and this lens never disappoints. The quality is superb and I like that fact that it allows me to switch from AF to MF lightning fast. Also, when I am out and about it's my go-to lens. It doesn't add much extra weight to my camera or bag. And when either on the camera or in the bag I seldom have to worry about the build quality of this lens. It's built well and it continues to last me.
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February 1, 2016 by Philam
Quick, but not perfect
I may be a bit biased here, considering I prefer the 50mm FOV over 35mm FOV; so, I won't minus more than 2 stars. This lens's AF is as quick as you can ask for and for 35mm FOV lovers, this lens would get 90% of your shots done just fine. My gripe with it is with the sharpness, CA, and nervous bokeh balls. I'm not a pixel peeper, but the lack in sharpness when shot wide open is quite noticeable when compared to the M43 prime jewels that I've shot with, i.e.: Lumix 20mm, 25mm (f1.4), Olympus 25mm, 45mm, and 75mm. However, if you step down a stop or two into the M43 sweet range, it'll be on par with the best of them. The CA is present only when shooting raw, and easily fixable in post a majority of the time. It's also not a problem if you're a JPEG shooter. There's just been a couple of times, that the CA was so bad, that fixing in post wasn't a possibility, this may make the difference of having that one perfect shot be less than so. Out of focus lights in the background, when using this lens, can be quite a bit distracting from the main subject. It's not a huge concern for most, but I personally appreciate the smooth buttery goodness of nice bokeh balls! Mind you, this may also be partially due to the focal length mixed with the CA issues I mentioned above. So, in all, this lens a great tool for what it has to offer. If you need a quick focusing fast 35mm FOV lens, it'll be faster than the Lumix 20mm, closer to an actually 35mmm FOV than the Lumix 15mm, much cheaper than the Nokton 17.5mm, and not much more spendy than the slow 17mm Olympus pancake.
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January 18, 2016 by SFM
Wish I Had This One Earlier
I am an amateur and purchased a standard OMD EM-5 kit with two zoom lenses. This 17mm f1.8 lens is now my favorite go-to lens. My first fixed focal lens was the 25mm f1.8 for low light use and for small depth of field. I found that the 25mm lens just didn't fit my needs when used in a confined area to take wall-to-wall shots. This 17mm f1.8 lens is my second fixed focal lens, and love it. It's as close to being as large a frame as possible with no discernable distortion as is seen from a wide-angle lens. It is a fast lens allowing me to generate good bokeh. I enjoy its small size, especially after carrying around the 12-50mm zoom as my original go-to lens.
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December 27, 2015 by Rob
Wonderful sharp lens
Recently purchased this lens after owning the portrait lens for some time. Needed a wide angle lens and this bright landscape lens was the perfect choice. Has performed beautifully giving bright sharp pictures. Also having the manual focus snap ring is a cool feature that I've been exploring as well. I think this is a great addition to anyone's camera gear!!
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