March 7, 2017 by erik
Great lens!
I have this lens for a year now and I am very satisfied with its performance. Its compact size made it my casual lens.
February 21, 2017 by Eric
Big things come in small packages
This lens fits right in your pocket and is a very compact pancake lens. Performance is quite excellent given its size. Definitely great to go travelling with!
May 12, 2016 by Tracy G
Nice Compact Size
Nice compact little lens. It's great for "all around" photography and for keeping on the camera most of the time. Often times I don't want to take a short walk without having to worry about taking cumbersome lenses and swapping them out. When this lens is on my camera it fits easily and well into the camera case. The optics are good throughout the whole range of 14-42.
April 19, 2016 by David
Neat little lens
This lens is so compact, that it's a joy to carry around. The quality seems quite good, especially for such a compact lens. It focuses quickly and accurately, and I haven't noticed any lack of sharpness. I'm not sure how much I like the power zoom, manual zoom just seems more natural to me. Nonetheless, I really like having this lens in my kit. I waivered between 4 or 5 stars. In the end, I have to go with 5. It is really amazing quality for its compact size.
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November 20, 2015 by Anne
Compact and good
Size and portability matters. I took this lens with me on a month long, trip to Italy. One month. One carry on suitcase. My friends with full sized cameras (and heavy bags) decided each day whether to carry their cameras. I put my OMD and this lens into my purse. Or tucked under my jacket. On the train, up the hill, through the market, on the boat, on the hike, into the stores - whereever. It was lightweight, unobtrusive and delivered great quality.
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