October 24, 2014 by f311
Excellent Premium Wide Angle Lens
Finally a high quality 24mm equivalent. This lens compliments the new 16MP sensor brilliantly. Ignore those who only read lens reports and deem the performance of this lens to be anything less than outstanding. The sharpness across the field is excellent and contrast superb. It's not inexpensive but then quality design and construction comes at a price. My only complaint involves the lens hood.. it should be included. All in all this is one lens I never want to leave at home.
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October 24, 2014 by Blindmanshooting
the M.Zuiko comes as a shockingly sharp lens. It is quick, silent, and the resolution is dead. I like the lens in low light street and for documentaries. his lens captures what you dream after you've shot.
November 6, 2018 by Max
Needs practice to get to the desired sharpness, otherwise a great lens.
Pros: 1. perfect for landscape photography, absolutely amazing. No complain at all in this regard. 2. Manual focus allows you to take close up photos. This function isn't its marketed purpose but works somehow. 3.Addition to (2), equipped with MCON-P02, this lens's macro/close-up capability increases due to the decrease close distance. With manual focus, you can get some pretty decent macro as well. 4. Tiny + lightweight +beautiful exterior design. Cons: 1. The sharpness is tricky down to f2.8 or f2.0. Sometimes the edges can get too soft. This factor can sometimes kill the lens's major purpose, high aperture.
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April 7, 2015 by Brendan
great landscape lens, but expensive
I've owned this lens for about 2 months now, and have thoroughly enjoyed it so far. Great for landscapes, street shots, and architecture. Pictures are extremely sharp, and the fast aperture is great for low light (indoor photography or dusk/dawn shots can be hand held with longer shutter speeds if needed). I rated the lens 4 stars, because I think it's slightly overpriced for what it is, and also because its advertised as a "portrait and landscape lens", but I think the distortion is a little extreme for it to be useful in most portrait shots.
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April 2, 2015 by rk
Great Lense
This is an excellent lens. The image quality is excellent in general but as you would expect it is best stopped down slightly. The wide aperture is wonderful and the lens still maintains good sharpness wide open. The build quality is excellent. It would be desirable for this lens to be weather sealed.
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