March 9, 2016 by Shane A.
Great handful of glass
After YEARS of full sized (full frame/APS-C and similar) digital cameras and pro glass, it's a relief to find a FAST and clear MFT camera AND lens to replace them with. Used this lens and a PenF at an event in a restaurant with ambient lighting and had a BALL being totally un-noticed thanks to the speed of the glass and no flash. Only had 2 issues in 4 hours where the lens hunted to focus and it WAS quite dark in the room. No regrets on this lens at all.
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February 6, 2016 by Jerry
Extremely Sharp Lens; Best Wide Angle
I received my 7-14mm f/2.8 Pro lens Jan 29, and have shot the equivalent of about 8 rolls of film with this lens and my E-M1. This lens is extremely sharp and contrasty. It certainly earns its “Pro” designation. The 7-14 Pro is a Beauty of a lens; a bit heavy at 534 g, but easily manageable. The snap focus ring works just like the 12-40 and 40-150 Pro lenses, and is a delight to use. This lens is all about perspective! I have a 21mm lens for my OM-1 film camera, and it is really wide, but nothing like this lens. My 9-18mm lens for my E-5, which is 18-36mm equivalent, beats the 21mm for perspective effects... but this 7-14mm lens opens a whole new world of perspective control. I notice that I seem to be a mile from my subject when shooting at 7mm (14mm in 35 mm format), so part of using this lens is learning to control the perspective effects, especially when close to your subject. But when you zoom to the other end of the zoom range, you get a very useful 28mm or 24mm wide angle (14 or 12 mm respectively) to get normal wide angle shots. The zoom ring is marked: 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, for all the popular focal lengths (double the numbers for 35mm equiv). This lens satisfies all my needs for wide angle shooting. I took it downtown to shoot some skyscrapers. I was able to get about a half block away, and be able to use the 14mm focal length. I was close enough that I had to tilt my camera up while holding it in vertical format, to get the top of the building. I got a well exposed shot with the building tapering away from me. Next I turned ON the Keystone Affect, and re-composed the same shot, but now dialed in the amount of keystone affect to eliminate the building tapering away from me; I got the sides of the buildings squared up nicely using the keystone option. (I had practiced using keystone affect before getting the 7-14mm lens). Lots of versatility with the 7-14mm Pro mounted to the E-M1 (or E-M5 II, or Pen-F), using Keystone Affect. Lots of versatility for the Pro or Semi Pro photographer (or advanced or serious amateur as well) with the 7-14 and Any camera.
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December 26, 2015 by Glenn
built like a tank
If you need an ultra-wide angle lens this is your choice. And it is a great choice. Fantastic results as you would expect. It's a bit heavy but balances well on the E-M1. It's also built like a tank. I dropped mine at a temple in Siem Reap. Fell from waist high onto a stone walkway and then bounced down a couple more feet to the level below. I expected the worst. Luckily the lens cap was in place. I put it back on the camera and it worked perfectly. So, while I don't recommend dropping it, I was pleased that the fall didn't kill my $1100+ lens.Just a scratch on the lens cap is the only "damage". The only thing that annoys me is Olympus' lens pricing strategy which seems to amount to having a high MSRP and then constantly offering "sales" of $100-200 off. Just make it a reasonable price to begin with and stop the silly games.
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October 28, 2015 by william
Amazing Lens Amazing
This lens is amazing if you are interested in wide angle shooting this is the one to buy, it compliments the other Pro lens I own 12-40mm and 40-150mm f2.8 for my E-M1 along with the 60mm macro and the telephoto 75-300mm. I find the 7-14mm works great in and out doors, even in low light. The E-M1 matched with these lens makes this camera a pleasure to use and carry with you where ever you go. Go to your photography store and try this lens out you will be impressed, it is well worth it like the other pro lens.
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August 12, 2015 by Roger
Fine Addition to the PRO Line of Lenses
I already owned the 12-40mm and 40-150mm f/2.8 PRO lenses when I bought this lens on July 26th. I found this lens to be an on par addition to those two lenses. I have had the opportunity to use this lens with both my E-M1 and my E-M10, and the images produced are very fine indeed. The lens performs admirably at varying apertures (I gravitate to f/2.8 to f/7.1). The colors produced are vibrant, and the images do not lack in sharpness. I also own the Zuiko 7-14mm f/4 lens, and this lens has proven thus far to handle flaring better than that lens does, though I use that lens on a different Olympus body. I will get around to testing that one on one of my OMD camera bodies. Some are concerned about the weight of the lens. The lens has quite a set of glass under the barrel, so yes, the weight is more than that of the 12-40mm PRO, but quite a bit less than the 7-14mm f/4 lens I have owned for several years. It fits nicely on both the E-M1 and E-M10 (I have the Olympus grips on both cameras). Even at my age I have no trouble walking, or hiking about with the lens and camera in tow. If a wide angle experience is something you seek, I can highly recommend this lens, the images will not disappoint, provided the photographer is on his or her game. This lens is a welcome addition to the m.Zuiko line up.
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