May 3, 2017 by Tim
Do it all lens
Great lens for the every day things. Good zoom range with f\2.8 makes for a work horse lens for a great price with image quality to rival some primes in the zoom range.
February 28, 2017 by William
Another quality Zuiko PRO lens!
I just received this lens so my experience is limited, however, it is beaming with quality. It feels right with a solid, not cheaply made, silkiness to the zoom. It balances well when coupled to the EM-1 body. This will surely be my go-to landscape lens.
December 29, 2016 by Lilit
Wonderful zoom lens featuring a metal exterior, which helps clumsy photographers. I can get very close to my subjects while maintaining precision and image sharpness. Very little to no distortion from light, although I do enjoy that feature in my photographs, so I sometimes take the hood off to achieve that. People have asked me if I take photos with a macro lens when they see shots made by this wide angle. I have taken a photo of a crow 10 cm away from its beak, and the image is so precise, that you can see the surrounding nature and the camera in its eye.
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December 26, 2016 by Richard
Love this lens.
Another fabulous lens. I brought this originally to shoot stars and night-time photos because of its f2.8 aperture and wide-angle view. It's become one of my day-time favorites for wide landscapes.
December 26, 2016 by Michelle
Don't wait...invest now!
I pondered on ordering this lens for quite a while...Now I've purchased it and have had it for a month now. Not sure how I can shoot without it!!! It's a bit heavier than my 12-40, 45 and 25 mm lens but definitely worth the money. Tack sharp all the time. No chromatic aberration. I absolutely love it and keep it as my go to lens.
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