October 17, 2020 by fototaker WNY
Great SHARP wide lens
Purchased this lens to use with my new Olympus OM-D E-M10 III. It fulfills my need for a wider perspective as I use the Olympus only for its unique LC option, after decades of using EOS cameras, though one of my early film cameras in the 70s was a OM1 and later an OM2 ;) I wish there was an available option presented to users of this lens concerning filter use. Because of the 105mm filter size, it was difficult to find an effective add-on to enable using a filter without vignetting at the extreme focal range, though eventually after much online research and reading too-many published reviews, I found my dream filter add-on in Taiwan after a week of owning the lens. Even without using the LC feature, it is a great sharp lens, and the manual/auto focus clutch is very effective and easy to use! The distance scale also is a great help also. I would recommend this lens to anyone for use in landscape, architectural and night-sky use!
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August 2, 2020 by Maria
Great lens for upping your game
Very few things are true "game changers", and this lens is one. It is my first professional lens - I had pined for it for 4 years - and it has been hugely beneficial. Shots I couldn't get with the 14-150mm are commonplace now. I have been using it for star trails as well and it's been great.
July 5, 2020 by Pierre
Fantastic lens.
This is a FANTASTIC wide angle lens. Sturdy and waterproof construction. Very sharp and bright. This is my too go lens for wide panoramic captures. A must lens for any serious Olympus landscape photographer.
March 22, 2020 by Keith
Great for cities and Archtecture
Definitely not an everyday lens, but far more useful than I thought. For example going to downtown and historic sites is a blast. I have bought a grip for my EM5 III and really don't notice the weight. Also brighter than I thought, and I'm not worried about lack of filters. Overall I'm elated with the product and happy that I purchased it. What a Fun lens.
February 15, 2020 by John
A great addition!
While I don't have a begging need for this lens on an everyday basis it's a fantastic lens and delivers better results than I expected- and I expected a lot based on the quality I get from my other PRO lenses. It seems extremely sharp corner to corner with no fall off in the corners or edges. The colors are vibrant and they match the color profiles of my other lenses so there is no need to correct images from this lens which is any different from the profile I've established in my workflow for all the PRO lenses. The lens does not seem particularly prone to flare even with the big front element. I'm still a bit reluctant to use it really inclement weather just because I'm not interested in getting snow and rain on the front element. I'm waiting on a bit of better weather to really determine the limits of this lens in my shooting.It has performed wonderfully in the times I've needed it.
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