December 17, 2016 by Sylvie
Allows for unique perspectives
I really love the f/1.8 aperture. This lens is great for taking unusual shots and being creative. And its image quality is wonderful as well.
November 2, 2016 by Thomas
Favorite Micro Four Thirds Lens
I've had a few fisheye lenses and was attracted to this one because of the speed and overall IQ. Let me get this out of the way- it's the best fisheye I've ever owned. It's now one of, is my favorite micro four thirds lens. It's incredibly sharp across the frame. The contrast is excellent and the overall color rendition is just sublime. I can't get over how sharp it is and if you're shooting up close it gets even better. The sharp transition from in focus to out of focus is superb. It's also easy to defish either in lighroom or using the warp tool in photoshop. It'll give you wider pictures than either 7-14mm M43 lens or the 9-18mm. It's also much better than the 9-18mm in terms of contrast, corner sharpness and resolution. I know as I own that lens and the panasonic 7-14mm. This is better although they all have their place. I've enjoyed the thoughtful touches built into this lens as well. For one, the focusing ring has the perfect amount of resistance without to long of a throw. The focusing rib design is just perfect as it doesn't attract dust, is easy to clean but still provides enough texture for your fingers. I think it's brilliant. I've taken this lens outdoors for panoramic like shots of rivers and mounts in my area. I've also used it most recently at Yale Museum of Art and got some of my best pictures of the year with this lens. All handheld- and I never had to go above 250 ISO. I've done nighttime photography handheld..even down to 1.5 seconds...without any blur. I was just taking shots like this last night for Halloween while walking around the neighborhood with my kid. You really don't know what your missing until you've tried this. This lens is now getting more rotation into my camera bag then any other lens. You really...and I mean REALLY...need to give this lens a chance. It's pretty much optical perfection.
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November 1, 2016 by darrell
Awesome lens
I've always loved the unique effects and perspectives that a fisheye lens offers, but I've been without one since I switched from film to digital many years ago. I absolutely LOVE this 8mm 1.8 lens. I find myself taking it with me everywhere and using it on just about every photo outing. Landscape shots are amazing with the ability to capture close-up objects as well as the entire countryside in the shot. This lens, coupled with the AIR, makes for some very fun and funky shots that would be impossible with any other lens and body.
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October 27, 2016 by CCRpilot
Purchased this lens for deep diving, wrecks and cave. The f1.8 was the deciding feature compared to other lenses and I am not let down. This is may favorite lens underwater due to it's capabilities, aside from macro of course.
April 29, 2016 by tsg
Fantastic lens
Fantastic lens - very sharp, great IQ and f1.8 is quite an achievement (worlds fastest fisheye). I bought this lens to replace the Panasonic 8mm f.35 for underwater photography. I do a lot of cave diving so the extra 2 stops (4x brighter) is very welcome indeed. Plus it's weather-sealed which is a nice bonus.
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