October 2, 2015 by Enrique Garcia
Feature rich, image quality OK but should be better.
The specs on this camera are exactly what I was looking for when faced replacing my 5 year old Lumix TS2. The wide angle and 1080p60 are features not found on the more expensive TG-4, same with the flip screen. The camera will produce OK images in outdoors and if you combine a sunny day with ISO 125 setting you may get a few very good images. Indoors the images are too noisy. Dont get me wrong, this camera is a good value, very well built and designed, there's just something missing that makes it hard to get those very good pictures. Video is pretty good and I am happy to have this camera instead of having to carry a GoPro and a point and shoot. I hope that Olympus improves the image quality thru some firmware update.
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September 24, 2015 by Barbara
Sporty and Rugged
I'm known to be a little rough on my Olympus cameras over the years. My last one got damaged when it fell off my kayak on the boat ramp so I decided to give this one a try when the technicians said the cost of repair wasn't worth repairing and provided me with a 20% credit at the store. I like the way it handles the outdoor elements and really like the sporty case with the carabiner and different strap mounts attached. The wide angle lens, two camera mounts, panorama and selfie settings are also very nice touches.
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August 31, 2015 by Jamesa
Excellent camera at this price point
This camera has now joined my Olympus EM5 and EM1, because it is waterproof! At this price point, it's my favourite to buy considering the competitors (N, F, P, C) - to provide me the peace of mind when there is a chance that I could submerge it in water. What's to love? The histogram, Exposure Compensation, the camera menu system, sequential mode shooting, Sport Mode, Sweep Panorama, Art Filters, two shutter release buttons and tiltable LCD screen (which is absent in Olympus TG4). Amazing Point & Shoot in good light. I took one star away because the LCD screen does not tilt to allow me to take over-the-head shot. I prefer this to the LCD's selfie position since I am coming from Olympus EM1. May be Olympus will oblige in the future TG870. Enjoy on land (rain, snow) and in sea water environment (kayak, zodiac, snorkelling). Jamesa
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August 30, 2015 by alain
More than I expected
First thing I tried is take a picture of a gold fish. The picture is beautiful and the camera still works. Then I tried all different settings and all was nice. The wifi connection to iPhone worked like a charm, though I had a few difficulties setting it up. I likethe fact that the selection wheel is a bit stiff. On my old Fuji the setting changed everytime I put it in my pocket. I am fully satisfied and I willrecommend highly.
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August 2, 2015 by Jennifer
Some disappointment
I am disappointed with this camera as my expectations were too high I guess for the price I paid. The combination download/charging cable is poor quality as I have to wiggle it to a certain spot to get it to make connection. The picture quality is not good compared to pics taken with smartphones. I cannot get good clear pics except for close ups. And why can I not WiFi connect to my computer? Was this an oversight? I like the feel and durability but am disappointed in picture quality.
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