June 5, 2017 by Max
Great for diving
I mainly used this camera scuba diving. It worked great especially for macro shots.
May 30, 2017 by Elijah
Proud of the Tg-4
I have never had the gear to take pictures like I can with the Tg-4. As my first real outdoors camera, I would really like to try the Tg-5 and other Olympus products.
May 23, 2017 by Mat
Child-Like Wonder
Loved every moment with this camera. Microscope mode from a point-and shoot camera opened up a whole new world for me, and I'm not exaggerating when I say "child-like wonder"... beyond beautiful pictures of flowers and bugs, point microscope mode at a computer screen and you'll learn how LCDs work. My wife and I had a game to pass the time guessing the subject of a close-up (mold is actually REALLY fascinating). All that said, respect the depth limits on this guy: I took it scuba diving and he died :( ...thought it was 50 METERS, it's 50 FEET. I can't fault Olympus there, the specs are right on the front of the camera. I'm glad to see that the TG-5 is coming out with a higher depth-rating case, but unsure if it will fit the 4.
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May 22, 2017 by Jeff
My workhorse camera, on the water!
I am an avid whitewater kayaker. In my opinion, the TG-4 is best camera for "active shooting" ... image capture while kayaking in rapids. This camera can go where my SLR can not. Looking forward to trying the TG-5, to see if I can repeat the same statement above.
May 19, 2017 by PHIN
Best point and shoot camera
An absolutely amazing tough point and shoot. The image quality is great and the camera comes with lots of fun and useful features. The tough features allow me to take pictures where I wouldn't dare in the past with other point and shoots and even the DSLR. I take this camera with me as much as possible taking everything from landscapes to macro.
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