July 17, 2015 by notclear
Nice camera
I bought this mainly for taking pictures of my reef tank at home. I need to shoot corals underwater and this camera does the job nicely. Shoot with RAW is a great feature as in the reef tank with LED lights, the pictures always need to be edited for colour balance. As other mentioned, the zoom lever is very hard to use, esp. I only use one hand to take the pictures underwater in the confined tank!
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July 6, 2015 by Chuck
I have to admit I'm disappointed in the camera. I have a TG-1 so I'm comparing the TG-4 with it. The TG-4 takes too long to turn on! Controls for on/off and zoom are hard to work and not easy to get to. I guess I had hoped for this to be an upgrade from the TG-1 but it's not. My TG-1 is much easier to work.
July 3, 2015 by Michael
Wonderful Camera
An f/2 lens, raw format, great looking pics, gps, wifi, and all the other specs in a little package that I can take with me bicycling or anywhere else. And i don't have to worry about it as much as my dslr. How did Olympus do it! This is a replacement to a competitors offering paid for by selling my old film gear, and I'm glad I did it. Finally I can take good looking images saved in raw format for post processing without worrying about the camera as much.
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June 24, 2015 by George
Nice pictures; clunky software; thirsty battery
Huge improvement over my old beach camera which only saved files in JPG, but the ORF file format is not recognized in Adobe camera Raw and the Olympus Viewer software will not convert them to RAW -- only exporting in TIFF or JPG. I wrote to Olympus Tech Support and my note was acknowledged but no one got back to me. I would also note that it takes almost a minute per picture for the Olympus Viewer to translate a file into (16 bit) TIFF. Possibly as a result of the compass and GPS, the battery runs down very quickly and seems to take many hours to re-charge, Example: after three beach walks of about twenty minutes a day apart when I took fewer than 10 pictures each, the camera has been on charge now for over seven hours and the battery light is still charging. Nice pictures though and the first pocket sized waterproof with -- nominally -- RAW saves.
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June 22, 2015 by Russ
Second to None!
Bought the TG-4 for a trip to the BVI and the USVI - above water and below - AMAZING results. Could not be more satisfied. Searched for reviews and it came out Number 1. Most of all after owning several similar cameras, this one, I understand how it works. It is easy to learn the features, and I would recommend it to any and all that need a TOUGH camera that can produce. The TG-4 has provided memorable photos and videos that will last for years to come. Thanks Olympus!
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