January 28, 2016 by Mary Ann
Great underwater camera, great above water too.
I bought this camera for an upcoming kayak/snorkeling trip to Palau in March. I have tried it out underwater in the touch tanks (sea stars, sea anemones) at the Seattle Aquarium and it worked well. I have since bought the fisheye lens and the LED for closeups. The closeup LED for macro shots was OK, I am still practicing with it. I have not yet tried the fisheye lens. I am expecting it will get awesome photos of tropical fish/coral/giant clams in Palau. I have also used it to shoot photos of family and also video. I got excellent shots and this camera may even replace my SLR at times.
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January 26, 2016 by SDJ
Amazing for the Price
For those of you who are giving this great camera low scores maybe you are extremely wealthy and have a more sophisticated underwater camera. I purchased this camera last summer, one of the first on the release waiting list! I wanted to test every function of this camera before writing my review. Totally amazing at the cost of this underwater camera. You cannot buy anything close to the functionality and durability at any of the local big box stores. Unless you want a disposable underwater camera last I looked you can't even find an underwater camera at the big box stores. Purchased this to capture pics of my two little boys learning how to swim and make memories of my family before my time is up. Underwater pics are fabulous even in murky water. If you can make out something underwater you can shoot it with your TG-4. My first pictures taken at the pool the day after I received it looked like professional quality and I received numerous comments on the quality. Everyone I know that seen the camera has either purchased one or is about to purchase one with their tax return. For those of you having problems may I suggest reading the operators guide. Sharing pics with your iPhone and iPad is as easy as installing the software and plugging in your network info, not many cameras can share pics between devices without using a computer. Hands down this is a perfect camera for an ameture photographer or someone like me who just wants to make memories with my children! It has been dropped by my children and still functions flawlessly as expected. Kudos to Olympus for the TG-4 and I await the day that you mfg an even better tough camera.
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January 25, 2016 by Alan
Intuitive simple use with quality images.
I received the Olympus TG-4 as a present and am really pleased with its very intuitive, easy to access menus and the extremely high quality of the images it produces. I am an experienced DSLR user but find that many of the TG-4 automated functions produce images as good or better than I can with my DSLR. The low light capabilities and especially the macro function are so simple to use and rival what I can get from my DSLR's. Additionally, it is so easy to carry and quick to use I have it with me at all times and have captured images I never previously would have been able to shoot. In short, I love this camera and its automated but quality producing capabilities. I doubt I ever will use its underwater feature but because of it and the overall toughness of its construction, I have no qualms about carrying and using it anywhere, including the rain.
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January 24, 2016 by Crimson Chin
I've had the TG-4 for a week and I am loving it! The pictures have great detail and the camera features are fantastic and easy to use. The waterproof and durability capabilities are just icing on the cake. To be honest I thought picture quality would be the sacrifice at this price point but it takes pictures as good as, if not better than, my previous point and shoot. I had a chance to play with it in the pool and was amazed by the vivid colors and sharpness. If zoom is a concern, purchasing the extra lens is well worth the money. The floating strap also works great as it remains partially above the water when you let go of the camera. I will be recommending this camera to everyone I know!
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January 22, 2016 by Leah
I got this camera for Christmas so I've had it for about a month. I've ben able to take it hiking 3 times and to the beach, as well as shoot some pictures around the house. I love it! It takes beautiful pictures and has so many functions. I did do A LOT of research before I decided I wanted this camera but I can honestly say it has exceeded my expectations!
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