November 2, 2018 by Ryan
Easy to use, lots of proofs, this camera is the best to go outside into the wild taking pictures!!!
July 25, 2017 by Jan
Great snorkelling and hiking camera
Excellent camera for snorkelling and hiking - I also have a more serious mirrorless camera, but many of my favorite shots are from my tg-4 because it can go places that would destroy other cameras. Likes: - microscope, HDR, live composite, and panorama modes are great - the option to save RAW files is nice for underwater and night, and a feature which isn't available on any other line of waterproof compacts - jpg output is good, and the underwater preset does well with colors and exposure for near surface underwater shots - I find several accessories quite useful (especially the fisheye converter for underwater) - this expandability is rare among point and shoots Dislikes - There is a timelapse movie mode, but it is hindered by being limited to 99 frames. A timelapse mode with more frames, and that captured individual photos so I could edit them to my liking, would be more useful. - The wifi is a neat feature to transfer photos to a phone, but in practice is a bit clunky and time consuming to set up. - The lens is rather exposed - and this is my hiking camera, it gets crammed into my pack and dropped on rocks a lot!. I protect my lens using the CLA-T01 lens adapter, but it would be nice if the included lens ring protruded a bit more to protect the lens from scratches
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July 24, 2017 by Bob
The one to own........
I've had this camera for over a year now.....and although I own a Leica "C" and Sony RX100m5......the TG-4 is my go anywhere camera. It does most everything well including taking Macro's.
June 21, 2017 by Anthony
Excellent quality photos on land and in the water!
I recently purchased the TG-4 camera primarily for underwater use. Took great underwater photos on my recent vacation snorkeling in Kauai. It also took great land photos! Easy to use settings, panorama mode was a breeze to use, the camera indicates where to align and it automatically snapped the second scene as it aligned while scanning the view. The macro mode is excellent - I took some great close-ups of some small mountain flowers and the results were incredible!
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June 7, 2017 by Gigmaster
Awesome camera for youtube videos!
I have used the TG-4 to make over 150 movies for my youtube channel! It has performed flawlessly. I am looking at the new TG-5 just to have a backup if I loose my TG-4!
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