June 30, 2015 by Sol
Good Entry Mirrorless
Great image quality on a budget. If you are happy with auto settings than this camera is great for you, otherwise, the handling is slow and poor. Only one dial on the back for shutter speed, aperture, and exp comp. Very slow to adjust flash power manually. I had a XZ1 which bit the dust (due to dust) and I was surprised at how much better handling was on it vs this new camera.
June 24, 2015 by Paul
Wonderful Value
I chose this camera expecting great image quality for the price and I was not disappointed. I've been able to make some truly beautiful photos with it. I like the interface, although there are too few physical controls. One or two more wheels would have been helpful. I bought this camera wishing to save money by sacrificing features present in more recent camera models, so I don't consider it a flaw that this camera is lacking features like 1080p video at 60fps. Overall, it's a great camera for the price.
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