January 14, 2015 by Michael
A very good camera
It's hard to summarize a whole camera in a few paragraphs, so I'll just start with the conclusion that this is not an exciting product for many, but it is still a great one that does things my E-M1 cannot. I picked this camera up after using my E-M1 for as much as I could, but found that I needed a secondary body that was more portable when the situation wasn't as demanding. Also with a set of small primes mostly collecting dust after getting the 12-40mm pro zoom, I really wanted a smaller body to really take advantage of those lenses, and not a higher end point and shoot. I also firmly wanted in-body-image-stabilization, so that led me to the Olympus PEN line. At first the E-P5 seemed to be the thing, since it shares the same battery and IBIS with the E-M1 and E-M5, but I dismissed it because of one big thing. Group selfies. Seriously, as a photographer, I find that no matter my gear and skill, I never seem to get into any of my pictures with my family, and it's really quite sad. It's like I don't exist in any of the albums we have. It's like being the world's best barber being unable to cut his own hair. The E-PL7 gave me that, and all the new stuff like WiFi geo-tagging with my phone. I seriously hope the next OMDs come with the same level of screen articulation and software functions to do a bit of selfie taking. The E-PL5’s implementation isn’t quite as refined, so I passed on that camera as well. So I love this new capability that I have now. Camera is a lot smaller, friendlier to camera adverse people, looks classy, works and feels great (the body is part metallic construction). The functions on this camera are quite extensive, and not at all crippled like some other brands where they often over-simplify on models like this. So I haven’t lost much power or control over my E-M1, just some speed. It’s much more fun to shoot now, as I don’t feel the same level of seriousness and pressure I get from the E-M1. Selfies sure sound really uncool, but I don’t care--it’s fun, and that’s mainly why I love photography. E-PL7 helps me in that regard, and more. It’s a great camera in my eyes. P.S. You can disable that video button (red dot button) if you keep accidentally hitting it with your thumb. Hasn’t happened to me yet, but I’ve heard some concerns about it.
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