August 13, 2015 by Kristen
Loving for the WiFi
I have always had Olympus cameras since I bought my first camera when I was 11. This camera does not disappoint. I am loving this for its WiFi feature which makes it so easy to transfer photos. It takes great photos in most lighting situations, haven't used the flash attachment yet. Amazing photo quality and a lot of manual controls/ features for getting just the right settings. Super!
July 9, 2015 by Tyler
Great Camera to start with
After having this camera for the last 6 months I am upgrading to the Olympus OMD e-m5 ii. I have been so impressed with the shots that my Olympus e-pl7 has done and I have converted at least 100 people around me with the absolute great pictures it takes so effortlessly. I would recommend this as a starting camera if you want to give Olympus a try. The lenses are all able to be used with the higher versions of the camera's. The only reason I docked the camera is for the wifi connectivity with my cell phone. I couldn't get good connections without scanning it every time. I am not sure if it is my phone or not and I will see if the camera needs an update. All in all still a very good camera.
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July 6, 2015 by Scott
Old Photographer, New Camera
I've been a photographer for decades. As I grow older my cameras grow lighter. This Pen E-PL7 looked fun and interesting. Some of the controls are small and hard to read. But the camera is relatively fast and accurate. The weight is nice. I use off camera flash most of the time and this camera works well that way. There is more to learn, but it's fun. Love the prime lenses!
June 2, 2015 by MR.F
First time Photographer
I Have been Looking for a camera for first time Photographers. I came across the the Pen E-PL7 and had a good review for people who want to just start / learn photography. I have a friend the has a different model and say's he loves his camera as well take's it every where he goes. I have now had mine for a month and love it! I have been very happy with the quality of photo's it has taken. The touch screen it easy to use and I so far have no problem navigating it to get the results I want. I purchased the kit (body and lens). Thank you Olympus for a great Camera and I would do it again if I had too!
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April 3, 2015 by David
Best PEN Lite to date!
The E-PL7 builds on the previous PEN models. I currently own two E-PM1s and one E-PM2. I enjoy carrying a Mini when I'm out with friends and the E-M5 or E-M1 would be too large to fit in a small bag or to hang from my wrist. The E-PL7 gives me the same ease portability, with an articulating screen, onboard Wifi, and more advanced image processing features. The E-PL7 brings the TruPic 7 image processor, which gives you access to many of the same features as the E-M10 or E-M1. My favorites being Live Composite and Partial Color. The 3-axis image stabilization is noticeably better than previous image stabilization features in the Mini and Lite models. In several days of shooting (a few hundred frames) I haven't encountered an instance of "shutter shock." The improved shutter seems to have eliminated that particular issue. A nice touch is that the VF-4 evf will automatically switch to the evf when you bring it to your eye, unlike on the previous PEN Lite and Mini. The design of the E-PL7 has more retro touches than the previous PEN Lites, and is a very stylish camera in the silver and black model, especially when it's sporting the 17mm/f1.8. The buttons give adequate tactile feedback. The mode dial has good resistance, and the finely knurled surface gives secure purchase to a fingertip. I like the control dial moving from the back to the top when shooting with the evf. Another nice touch is the tripod socket is aligned with sensor axis, though it isn't aligned with the focal plane. The front and rear grips give adequate support with normal zooms. The LCD is gorgeous, and the tilt mechanism feels sturdy. I like the 3:2 aspect of the screen, which means screen protectors designed for the OM-D series will fit the E-PL7. The E-PL7 is an affordable ILC in a classic rangefinder style with both fun features and some advanced capabilities found in the OM-D series. Best PEN Lite to date.
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