January 27, 2020 by Elaine
Olympus! Make a Pen F II! Wake UP!
4 stars for not having Weather Sealing, 4K, a dedicated ISO, Aperture and shutter button, and incorrectly placing tripod mount off center. Why would you do that?. LCD articulating screen is kind of annoying, so not sure if I have an application for it VS a regular flip screen like on the Fuji X series. Camera is expensive for what it is out there nowadays. Retro feel is nice, though the front dial can make your fingers get cramped and the dial touching pressing on it can irritate. Love the color mode dial. I bought this as my JPEG fun camera. It's fun to use, though the menus are extremely bloated and confusing. Even with all of this, I like shooting with this camera. I know MFT is being left behind though. I do notice less dynamic range to play with on MFT VS APS-C and FF cameras. On a positive note, the Olympus Pen F and the 17mm and 45mm prime lenses I also purchased produce very tack sharp detailed photos. BY that I mean detailed when zoomed in upon. Fuji files don't seem to resolve the detail as well while zoomed in. The only camera systems that seem to do better are the original Sigma DP Merrill camera series with the fully functioning, not Quattro-crippled Foveon sensor in them. Those cameras could keep a fly's wings in sharp detail, even if it were far off in the distance. Olympus is pretty good at those distant details. I hope Olympus brings out an improved, not re-hashed Pen F. Yeah, I know you stated that you discontinued the series, but I think that is a huge mistake. If Olympus were to put 4K, weather sealing, and maybe improve the MFT sensor somewhat, center that tripod screw mount on the bottom so the landscape photographers can use the camera instead of having their lenses rub due to it being placed incorrectly, tat would be the sort of improvements which would prompt new buyers to take a chance and buy the system. Olympus needs to LISTEN to photographers and make a Pen F II. Ask them what they'd like for features. Listen to them. if they did that, the Pen F II would sell like the Fuji X-Pro models that everyone drools over.
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January 27, 2020 by Brian
Great camera needs to be continued.
The Pen-F is a great camera. I use it all the time as my primary camera. I have traveled the world with it. I felt deep in snow with it and it kept on working with no problems. It is a shame that Olympus would design such a great camera and stop production. It makes no sense and I don't want to purchase other Olympus cameras. I tried the EM-1, MKII but it is not well designed, poor ergonomics and generally not attractive. It is bulky compared to the Pen-F, which I believe is overall a better camera. Please reconsider Olympus team.
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January 22, 2020 by Elaine
Retro Almost
Love the retro feel and look. Wish it was weather sealed. Wish the tripod mount was centered and not precariously placed at the edge of the camera so that it bumps into longer lenses. Fun to use, though the EVF can be a bit rough for those who wear eyeglasses. Love the IBIS, like the LCD artucating screen. It does come in handy at times. Wish the sensor was bigger as I'm used to APS-C and FF with more dynamic range, but the files print large enough for it not to matter most times. I don't know how Olympus will stay in the game if they don't either use bigger sensors or somehow pull more out of the MFT sensor. I gave 4 stars due to this and the other points mentioned. Still, I'm having fun using this camera and am glad I bought it before it become extinct. I wish Olympus would make a version II of this camera body. Make the AF faster and more accurate in low light, weather seal it, throw in 4K video, and then center the tripod mount for those of us who like to do landscapes or architectural interiors. Even with all of its shortcomings, this is a great camera and will print large prints. It's more than enough for most people, though everyone is chasing the almighty pixels, including me. At times I do need it, but for myself and my art, this is perfect. This camera is beautfiful and makes me want to go out and use it.
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December 19, 2019 by Reed
Great camera, my everyday go to body!
This is actually my second PenF. I had sold mine to purchase camera from another manufacturer. I was aware I had made a mistake almost immediately, so I bought another and sold the other camera and lens.I have a full OMD E-M1 Mk II / OMD E-M1X set up, but the PenF is my everyday carry camera. The image stabilization, art filters, color wheel, the ergonomics, the menus and just the size and feel were what I missed the most. This is a great camera. I really do hope that Olympus will reverse course and update this camera in the future.
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December 6, 2019 by Al
Most iconic Olympus Classic - sadly discontinued
The Pen-F may be Olympus’ most iconic and beautiful design. It’s the manufacturer’s homage to its famous classic 1960’s Pen cameras. The black body model has an aesthetic hint of Leica rangefinders, at a fraction of the cost. The build quality is excellent, with no exposed screws, and the Pen-F feels very solid in hand. Do you pay a premium for its classic style? Sure. But with Olympus’ 5-axis in-body image stabilization (unlike similarly retro styled FujiFilm mirrorless), a through-the-body EVF (unlike the EVF “hump” on other Olympus m43 models with the same specs), this Pen-F is ideal for discreet street photography. Gripe? It’s not weather-proofed. But biggest gripe? Olympus has stopped manufacturing the Pen-F and is selling off all existing inventory - the reason I purchased a second Pen-F body (black, alongside my silver model, which is no longer available new). Current Olympus Pens are less expensive / lower specs / multicolored step-up from phone selfie cameras. So long Pen-F, you were a new classic.
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