December 6, 2019 by Al
Most iconic Olympus Classic - sadly discontinued
The Pen-F may be Olympus’ most iconic and beautiful design. It’s the manufacturer’s homage to its famous classic 1960’s Pen cameras. The black body model has an aesthetic hint of Leica rangefinders, at a fraction of the cost. The build quality is excellent, with no exposed screws, and the Pen-F feels very solid in hand. Do you pay a premium for its classic style? Sure. But with Olympus’ 5-axis in-body image stabilization (unlike similarly retro styled FujiFilm mirrorless), a through-the-body EVF (unlike the EVF “hump” on other Olympus m43 models with the same specs), this Pen-F is ideal for discreet street photography. Gripe? It’s not weather-proofed. But biggest gripe? Olympus has stopped manufacturing the Pen-F and is selling off all existing inventory - the reason I purchased a second Pen-F body (black, alongside my silver model, which is no longer available new). Current Olympus Pens are less expensive / lower specs / multicolored step-up from phone selfie cameras. So long Pen-F, you were a new classic.
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October 19, 2019 by Ben Herrmann
A camera that will surely become a classic (if not already)
As an avid Micro 4/3 users since its inception, I've been keen on keeping up with the many Olympus products released during that time-frame. And with that in mind, I've always enjoyed the Pen line of cameras thanks to their small design and excellent image quality characteristics. To be honest here, I was a late comer to the Pen F, having just purchased it recently in October 2019. Why so late? Well, I had to weigh carefully if getting the Pen F would "up my game" substantially, given the higher price that it sells for. So I finally jumped into the fray and purchased the Pen F through B&H Photo Video that still has quite a few "new" ones for sale. When it arrived, I was not disappointed at all. The body form, ergonomics, build-quality, and of course improved image quality - all proved to be the right choice for me. There is a unique clarity to the images coming from the Pen F (of course, it's lens dependent) that defy description. I also use a variety of 24-32 MP cameras from other brands, yet the clarity levels from this Pen F can easily match (or in some cases) best the competition. And it's certainly a delight to use. I only hope that Olympus keeps the Pen line of cameras going strong. As an aside, I also own the E-P5 Pen camera (another superb, earlier model) and the E-PL7. I'd hate to see Olympus confine the Pen Line to just entry level E-PL models. So for those of you folks perhaps sitting on the fence about considering the Pen F, I wouldn't hesitate in getting one. Yes, it's a tad more expensive than some of the competition, but you'll wind up getting (what will become) a sure classic of a camera - from both a design-wise and Image Quality standpoint. Now keep in mind that I do not make these comments on a whim. I shoot with a variety of different brand cameras - that is, various Micro 43, Fuji X, Canon EOS M, and Samsung NX models. And this Pen F can easily stand up to the best of them. Don't hesitate - get this camera. High Recommended (in my book, that is)!!!!
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September 25, 2019 by Adam
Beautiful Camera, Beautiful Pictures
Considering how relatively small this camera is along with how subtly Olympus has merged the iconic old-school look of the body with high end photography tech, I was happily surprised with how fantastic pictures turn out from the Pen F. The artsy design of the camera hides the fact that it's all about performance on the inside... nearly every picture I've taken has gotten "ohhs" & "awes" from the family along with requests to send everyone copies- not because it's the nice & thoughtful thing for family to do, but because these pictures are beautiful! Coupling great quality with how fun and portable this powerhouse of a camera is, I'm a firm believer that it's worth every penny!
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July 17, 2019 by Cole
Stellar Lifetime Purchase
This is a stellar camera. It looks great, feels minimal in your hand (in a great way) and is unobtrusive when shooting. I tend to shoot with the electronic viewfinder screen open, so that I can glance to make sure framing is right, while keeping my eyes mostly occupied on my baby, eliciting reactions, etc. The mechanics of the camera are simple and intuitive, while still powerful, and the lens selection is wonderful. I highly recommend.
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June 9, 2019 by Harrison
Pen F is a winner—this will be my primary camera!
A stylish and powerful camera. Easy to use controls, well thought out. Packed with features; I am just starting to learn how to use them—looking forward to using them to create memorable images. Best of all, the camera is small, light and unobtrusive; perfect for someone who doesn’t want o lug around large, heavy gear.
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