April 9, 2016 by jib2
Retro look, fun to carry and use, great pictures
I have been using Olympus cameras since 1975 (an OM-1n) and I continue to like their compact, but sturdy build, small size, and light weight coupled with excellent color and quality. The Pen F is my latest Olympus camera and I love its retro look and feel. (I have the silver model). It reminds me of my early Olympus film SLRs. The Pen F is small and light weight, and when used with a small Olympus prime lens or the 14-42 EZ compact zoom is the perfect camera to carry around and take pictures. It is a camera that you are always willing to take with you and is perfect for street photography. The quality of the camera is excellent with a solid metal build. The sensor is 20 MP and is very sharp. I love the creative dial on the front; I am enjoying black and white photography all over again. Seeing the image in the viewfinder or screen, as it will actually appear makes it easy to take dramatic black and white pictures. The Pen F is not weatherproof, but I also have an Olympus OM-D E1 which I will continue to use. I am quite happy with this elegant little gem of a camera.
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April 6, 2016 by MagicCamera
This camera is a joy to use. I regularly use DSLR (competitor brand), but I have always been a fan of Olympus products. The PEN-F is no exception. I am very satisfied with the image quality, it is just super sharp. The feel of the camera in your hands is solid as the product is built exceptionally well. Lack of weather sealing is disappointing, so I hope Olympus designs a nice outer case for it that will allow all-weather shooting. This is an affordable high quality rangerfinder that should satisfy any level of photographer. it's a beautiful camera.
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