October 31, 2017 by Samuel
Significant Upgrade!
As a previous user of PEN E-PM2, this camera is a significant upgrade. Picture wise is pretty much the same because of the same sensor used by both. But in terms of usability, this camera is fantastic! Gorgeous viewfinder, sharper and tilting rear LCD, focus peaking, and the best part, 5-axis IS. Many upgrades, but with a little increase in weight and overall dimensions. It also eases the use of legacy lenses I had. Got the Olympus refurbished, which made it even sweeter!
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October 16, 2017 by James D
Very good camera but GREAT deal as a certified refurb
I really like this camera. I got it as a certified refurb for a great price and it has a good build quality, but not as good as my OM-D EM-5 mark1. That should not be a problem though if you are gentle with your gear. I bought it for the additional features my EM-5 does not have. Better video, focus peaking, wi-fi, and more advanced touch features. Be aware though, a previous reviewer said Olympus viewer has controls to simulate the Pen-F creative dial and I do not think that is accurate.This camera DOES have art filters, which there are a couple that I like better than creative dial but they are not the same as the creative dial. I also feel the creative dial can be simulated in Light Room or other editing application.
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October 15, 2017 by Sunny
I got this camera about ten days ago. Great product.
October 7, 2017 by Ivan_996
The Pen F light.
I had the original em10 until a looong 50 foot drop shattered the camera and the lens on it. Oops. EM10.2's are fantastic buys especially if you can buy them refurbished but even at full price they are everything the EM5's and Pens are. While this camera lacks the art dials of the Pen F you do get access to them in the Olympus Viewer software. The tilting LCD screen probably makes this the most useful Olympus camera at the cost of self video and selfies. This camera greatly benefits from the more expensive UH-2 memory. In practice I shoot raw and jpeg, and throw away 99% of the raws, but having a fast memory card makes the camera so responsive that I don't notice if there's even a buffer, and reviewing pictures is extremely quick. If you use slower memory then the camera handles quite slow, on the order of 8-12 seconds for shots. Interestingly, if you set the camera to full manual including focus then it handles quite similar to my film OM-1, even including the on switch and dangling metal eyelets.
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September 29, 2017 by Jarvis
All in all very pleased especially for a backup to the EM-1. Lens work interchangeable which is one reason for the purchase. Excellent photos. Would purchase again. A great camera to get into the OMD line
Purchased for a backup to my Em-1 plus for my wife. Excellent photos a little slower than the Em-1 but my wife does not care. The lens are interchangeable which was a real plus. I think size is small for my fingers but my wife loves it for her hands.
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