December 10, 2015 by Peter
A good camera with some bugs
I've been a bit of an Olympus fan for a while now. I previously owned an XZ-2 and have had my trusty Stylus-1 for almost 2 years now. In Sept, I decided it was time to upgrade to a mirror-less camera. After serious consideration of the new Fuji X-T10, I chose instead to stay with Olympus and got the new E-M10 II along with the 14-42 pancake zoom and M.Zuiko 14-150 waterproof zoom. Getting used to the new camera was a snap as the interface is similar to the Stylus-1. Although the menu system offers many more choices, the menu order is the same. I shoot exclusively outdoors in the mountains. I wanted a really compact kit so I could take the camera on alpine climbs. The longer lens would be great for hiking and backpacking. Most of my trips are 4-7 days and so battery life is extremely important. I tend to shoot S-AF in shutter priority with exposure compensation at the lowest possible ISO. I almost never use the flash. Typical shooting scenes have me taking 2-4 shots and then moving on. I read more than a few lens reviews before making my purchase, and after a month of shooting with these two lenses (approx 24 days out in the field), I would say the reviews are quite accurate. Image quality at wide open is not so good. The higher the f-stop, the better the resulting image. My problem has been that the 14-42 pancake zoom uses far more battery juice than it should. I kid you not that I get approx 100 shots per battery using either the BLS-50 Li-ion or BLS-5 Li-ion. Something is not right here. The Stylus-1 with its long zoom does not suffer from this problem. I have both cameras set to go into sleep mode in one minute. They both close the lens after some arbitrary time. However, the Stylus-1 gets well over 200 shots per battery cycle. I don't understand the descrepancy. For example: I spent 8 days in the Tablelands region of Sequoia Nat Park in Sept 2015 where I took 389 shots with the E-M10 II and more less completely drained 4 batteries that I carried with me. I have also had the occasional problem with the 14-150 randomly shooting a couple of stops dark when my intention is otherwise. I use the EVF pretty much all the time. So composing my shot, adjusting compensation and taking the shot should not result in a dark image. The only solution to this rare but frustrating problem is to turn the camera off, wait a minute or so, and turn it back on. That seems to solve the problem until the next time. On all occasions this problem has only happened when the lens is zoomed out to the long telephoto range of 120-150. Another feature of the Sylus-1 that I would have liked to see in the E-M10 is turning on playback by pushing and holding the playback button on the camera. Once again the pancake zoom wastes power when you need to turn on the camera to look at images. Why does the zoom need to open just to review images already taken? I like the E-M10 II, but I don't know if I can keep it if a solution for the short battery life with the pancake zoom can not be found.
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November 30, 2015 by JobosPhotography&Imagery
Excellent Professional Camera!
This is my go to camera! Paired with a compact prime lens it is small light and producing beautiful photography! Only con would be the battery dies a little faster then expected so get a backup. Everything else has been pros, at this price point nothing is better! Wi-Fi works amazing and is extremely reliable to paid photo shoots. Thank me later! The manual is excellent and very straight forward.
November 30, 2015 by Tawan
Nice Professional Camera
Previously, I used EPL5 and now I turn to EM10 Mark II. It's pretty easy to start up with it although many functions are different. There are lots of modes to select to fit each situation but the user interface is understandable. The e-view finder is useful when you captured in a sunny day and is clear. In term of pictures, using with 17 mm lens, the camera gives me powerful images even in low light situations. Overall, I satisfied with it and definitely choose Olympus again.
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November 21, 2015 by David
Small form factor, but packs a punch!
Already own the mark 1. The mark 2 goes further with enhanced IS and other features. Easy to manipulate the controls. EVF is easy to navigate settings for your style and preference. I have been using older "four thirds" lenses, along with the MMF-2 adapter. Most results have been excellent. It takes an extra 1/2 second or so for the E-M10 to focus, but it does work. Overall, a great camera that rivals the big (and heavy) boys from the other manufacturers.
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