March 10, 2016 by George
Good Feel, Great Features but S/W Issues
I purchased this camera in November 2015 and have enjoyed the small size and solid build along with a great feature set. Selecting a focus point from the LCD was the major reason that I selected this camera over the E-M5 mark ii. Enjoyment was short-lived, however - the camera has hung up and won't function and warranty shipping repairs fall on the buyer.
February 28, 2016 by Maxio
Perfect, no competition
This camera is not the best camera Olympus can offer, it is not the best camera (mirrorless or otherwise that you can buy. But the given the price point and the competition in this market, nothing can compare. The 5-axis IS, double control dials, imaging features like long exposures, art filters, keystone correction, HDR modes, electronic shutter, smartphone connectivity all meet or beat the competition, there is nothing as comprehensive as this at this price point. The megapixels are a little low for the current generation of cameras but to me this shows that megapixels can be shaded out by other outstanding features. They could also improve the autofocus an consider adding a phase detect system to help with low-light situations. This will be the next step I'm sure. Add to this the entire micro four thirds system and there is no better option for the enthusiast photographer with this money to spend.
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February 9, 2016 by Samantha
Small and Excellent!
This camera is excellent. It has all the modern features you want but still feels like you're using film. It is not bulky, has a great screen, has all the manual controls you want, and it's cute to boot. My husband is ecstatic to be able to use all of the old lenses from his film Olympus Pen camera thanks to the adapter that can be used with the OMD-10 Mark II. No more camera phone photos!
February 9, 2016 by Sam
4.0 out of 5 starsExcellent camera, premium feel but complex menu and functions
I purchased this camera last week and been using it ever since. I love it. the size, the weight is just perfect. I take it every. I use to have a Canon 60D, the camera is a great, but it's way too large and heavy for me to carry around. this is so portable, it's just perfect. Picture quality is exceptionally sharp. It takes great pictures. the image stabilization is great. I have a lot of problem taking pictures with my other DSLR due to the weight, but with this, I can shoot all day. The 5 axis stabilization is great. Took some videos and it came out very very well with minimal or no shaking at all. This camera has almost all the bells and whistles the bigger brothers EM5 II or the EM1 has for a fraction of the price. As for the built quality of the camera. it's certainly has a premium feel. Very solid. however the batter door feels very flimsy. I don't understand why they build the whole camera so solid and used a flimsy plastic battery door. it feels like it's going to break every time I open it to charge the battery or pull my SD card. The grip is not as good as on other camera. The Sony A6000 has a better grip. The strap eye lid / Strap Holder if you will seems to get in the way of the hand holding the camera as well as trying to push the shutter button. The functionality of this camera is my biggest issue. not that it's bad, it's because there is just too many functions in this camera. The menu is very complicated, not easy to navigate. For someone like me who is no professional. I have a very hard time understanding many of these functions. I'm still reading the instruction booklet after a week of using it. However, despite the complexity of the menu and functions, this camera can be fully customize every single button and dials. I certainly would give it a 5 star if the menu is not so complex I just absolutely love this camera. Oh, on an other note. if you are looking for a carrying case for these mirrorless cameras, go buy a Sony bag. I looked around and found the Sony camera bag is perfect for a camera, a zoom lens, a battery charger and a portable external flash. 1/2/2016 After a month of using the camera, I can tell you I obsolutly love it. I also purchased a prime lens, the 17mm f1.8. it's very fast, great for low light, but even just the kit lens works great. the image stabilization is truly awesome. that where most of my problem with the older camera. my hands tents to shake slightly and the picture comes out blurry. with this camera, I get sharp pictures. I even took a picture of running water, at 1 sec shutter, handheld and it comes out great. Pros: Great compact size camera great image stabilization sharp image Cons: Original Battery is very poor, had to purchase some after market battery and works 3-4 times as long. The battery door and the port cover still feels flimsy The EVF sensor is a little too sensitive. The function menu is not friendly 1/26/2015 So I have this camera for some times now and really been using it all over the place. I just love the size and portability compare to my previous Canon 60D. I have learn a lot with this camera. It take great pictures. I love it so much, I end up purchasing a M.Zuiko 17mm f1.8 Prime lens for it. I purchased Panasonic 20mm f1.7 lens first, but the AF wasn't that great in low light, so I sold that and traded for the 17mm. Love it. I love the camera, I take it everywhere because. However as much as I love this camera. the longer you have it, the more small issues you find. Not major. I still love the camera. For One, the battery is worst then expected. I end up purchasing 2 more higher capacity battery for it. they do hold more capacity than the OEM battery for a fraction of the price. I found that at ISO 1600, noise really started to show. I have use it in many occasion in the evening outing and used different ISO setting. and at 1600 and higher, you can really see the grain showing. I have contacted Olympus and they ask me to send them some samples and they sent me a link by on how to setup your camera by Robin Wong. Instructions to setup EM5 Mark II, it's really the same as the EM10 II. What's interesting was before I have my camera's noise filter set to high and noise reduction set to on and I still get a bit of grains, but according to Robin (the Olympus Professional) he suggest to turn off the noise filter and noise reduction to auto. Well see that Olympus said after they view my pictures. I taken some pictures at my grandmother's birthday dinner and and to print a few 8x10 photos for her and I was not very impress with the noise level. I am attaching a image of the product image taken at good low light, not bad low light and if you zoom in a little, you can see the grains. Link to Robin Wong's review and setup. Check it out, some setting are helpful. After using it for a couple of months, trying to learn the ins and out of the camera, I have master a good part of the camera, but even with all these learning. I still think the menu is very complicated like many people does. there's just too many level and too many features. you use it, but next time you want to go back to it, you'll forget where it is again. But what's interesting is if it's not the complex menus, I might not have learn so much about photography. I been youtubeing and web searching all the little features little by little like the Robin Wong's link. it does teach you a lot. Oh, by the way, there is one thing I absolutely love about the camera and can't live without it is the super control panel. it's almost everything you need is there.
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January 30, 2016 by Jeffrey
Huge Capabilities and Features in a Small Body
I have been a long time Olympus user, and was disappointed to see the clear shift made away from DSLRs to the new micro 4/3 mirrorless technology. I own the E-600 DSLR and it introduced features back in 2009 that larger name brand DSLRs still dont have today. Olympus has always been on the cutting edge of technology to me, and the new OM-D E-M10 Mark II follows that tradition. I was looking for a newer camera, and one that was small enough to carry with me everywhere, including work in downtown Chicago, that would also allow me the ability to shoot in RAW format, have interchangeable lenses, and have an abundance of creative tools and features to take advantage of. Being a loyal Olympus user (shooting with Olympus cameras over 20 years) and reading on line reviews of newer cameras, I opted for the OM-D E-M10 Mark II. I have used the camera extensively now over the last 3 weeks, and many features stand out and are worthy of mention in this review. First of all, one of the main selling points to me was the new 5-Axis Image Stabilization. I was skeptical of this feature at first as far as performing as well as I had read, but I was more than pleasantly impressed. I was able to take hand held photos inside some of Chicago's cathedrals at shutter speeds of 1/8th and 1/10th even, and the photos are totally crisp from edge to edge. very impressive and powerful feature for me, as I am not one to lug my tripod everywhere I go. Another stellar feature is the large and super bright electronic view finder. In bright sun or dimly lit buildings, the viewfinder is so bright and clear that I never have to squint to try and see the camera settings or hunt for focus points, etc. Speaking of focus points, the 81 point AF system really allows precise focusing at any area within the frame, really a neat system. You have the ability to use the touch screen to both select the focus point and release the shutter, or you can use the control knobs to select the points (or touch screen) and then use the shutter button to lock focus and release the shutter. The capabilities here really cater to any type of user, whether one prefers a more modern approach to shooting or the more traditional style. The OM-D E-M10 Mark II also comes with a full set of scene modes and fun art filters, to add neat effects to your images and also to help set proper camera settings for different situations, such as Portrait, Landscape, etc. for those who prefer to let the camera select its exposure settings. Style wise, the E-M10 II looks a lot like the old OM-1 35mm film camera, which I also own and still use. Even the on/off lever is the same, which is a neat way to pay homage to he long and storied history of fine Olympus cameras. Couple this vintage look with new technology such as wifi, for transferring images to your smartphone or tablet, and also the ability to control the camera from your mobile device via the Olympus app, you really have a perfect all around professional quality camera. The camera is NOT weather sealed, so that is one pro feature left out of this model, but you have that option in other OM-D models should your needs require this level of protection from the elements. Lastly, via an available adapter, one can use any 4/3 mount lens on the E-M10 mark II, so I will still have the ability then to use all of my existing Olympus 4/3 lenses, which is another huge plus. I did purchase the kit, which came with the 14-42MM f3.5-5.6 EZ lens, and then spent another $99 (what a bargain!!) for the 40-150MM f4.0-5.6 zoom lens, so I am set with MFT lenses for most daily shooting situations, and the lightness and compact design of these lenses and camera body have saved my back from having to lug around multiple heavy lenses. I highly recommend this camera, and it has become my new everyday system.
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