July 16, 2017 by Christina
Love the OM10 mk ii
I upgraded my EPM1 for the em10 mk ii. The mini is actually still shooting but I decided to go for the em10 mk ii mostly because I couldn't resist and I haven't had a second of buyers remorse. Only been shooting with it for a few weeks and I'm thinking it'll last forever since all of my other Olympus have. The camera is so solid, nothing about it feels precious and even the weight and size is perfect for my usually munch too tiny hands! I love it, so far even shooting vintage glass is smooth shooting. The built in flash is ingenious and I like the hot shoe it still has, it's literally perfect :) Simple workflow for transferring and uploading images with the share app, which so far is also quite solid.
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July 10, 2017 by Linden
Great camera in a small package
I originally purchased this camera for myself and loved it, but my wife ended up taking it away from me, lol. She wanted something small enough to stash in a small purse, but also wanted better image quality and zoom ability than her current high end P&S (she would never lug around a big DSLR). She finds it to be the perfect balance of features and portability. My only nitpick is that the continuous AF isn't stellar, but is okay for slower subjects, but that's to be expected with no PDAF points though. I would have been upset that she took my camera, but I used the excuse to upgrade to the E-M1 Mk II, so all is good!
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July 6, 2017 by Yan Kiu
Great value!
I upgraded from the original E-M5 to the E-M10 mk ii. It has all the features I need and want. I simply couldn't justify the cost for the new E-M5 mk ii, so this was a great compromise. I love that it's lighter, has WiFi, and better ergonomics than my previous camera.
July 3, 2017 by Andres
Small but incredible
This little camera is just an amazing instrument, so small yet so effective.
June 16, 2017 by Sarah
Fabulous features
First of all, the size of this camera is perfect! I can easily fit it into my purse, without having to carry a separate camera bag around town. The automatic features are great to work with, and as a beginner, switching into the manual modes is really straightforward. I absolutely love the touch-screen shutter feature, I have found myself using it just as much as the shutter button. I highly recommend this camera for anyone looking to get more serious about quality photography!
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