December 18, 2017 by Dave
Lighter and Smaller Coupled With Quality.
We used an E-3 for 8 years and loved the quality. The menu system took a while to learn but a great new hobby had begun. Now, with my new E-M5 and an E-M10 camera my wife purchased shortly afterward, we are able to continue learning with smaller, lighter, mirrorless cameras which are able to make photos of the quality we have come to expect, using our, older, 4/3 lenses and new micro 4/3 lenses. The menu system is similar to what we already had experienced and using our iPhones with OI has become a new experience with family group photos. Lighter and smaller make a difference as we get older.
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December 6, 2017 by Torsten
Excellent small camera
Excellent small camera. For me size is pairing great with the smaller prime lenses. I have relative large hands and for the use with PRO lenses I compare with the additional hand-grip
December 1, 2017 by Kevin
I never put it away
This is my first mirrorless camera and couldn't be happier. The small size is exactly what I was looking for. The moment you pick this camera up you can feel how solid it is. I'm officially an Olympus fan.
November 30, 2017 by Peter R
Great all around camera
Yes great for birding, the optional grip helps me using the 75-300, I like spot metering and S-AF MF, MF assist & contrast silouette, but dial down the X factor, 5X-7X is too high. or go with iAuto and go for it!
November 24, 2017 by James
Excellent camera for birding
Great camera - The image stabilization worked well for long, hand-held shots of birds. Images were sharp enough even when zoomed out to 300mm focal lens. Working through the manual so it can only get better as I go beyond full Auto operation. The camera is small enough with the 75-300 lens to carry with me easily.
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