April 26, 2019 by Richard
Dissatisfied!!! I've been an Olympus fan for over 10 years. WAS looking forward to a this camera to capture amazing video.
Rave reviews by fans of my photography galleries on the still shots captured. However, I am not a little bit disappointed with the video capability. Lots of time wasted in the field thinking the video mode matched the still shot capability - not! Video plays back like 30p instead of the 60p setting of the camera. No sound, though the live mic menu indicates sound is being picked.
April 2, 2019 by Philip
Great performing camera
I've been using this body for 3 years now and I must say it's a very pleasant camera to use. I've been a long time Olympus user (E-500, E-620, E-5, EM-10) and this body is very performant. The body itself is very compact and rugged. I put it under pressure during my Iceland winter trip this past february, and got it regularly very wet with waves and waterfalls. It performed very well all along. The buttons can be difficult to find and press with gloves, but that means the body is compact enough to enjoy carrying along all day. I find it a good match for the PRO lenses I have (12-40, 7-14 and 40-150). The image quality is very good also. Shooting RAW lets me recuperate enough detail in the highlights and shadows. I would like a bit more megapixels, but I was still able to print a 30x40'' canvas that looks very nice. In summary, this is a camera I strongly recommend for anyone that wants not only to get great results, but also wants to enjoy shooting beautiful images.
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January 10, 2019 by Emilio
Bad switch, camera useless
My OM-D EM5 MKII stopped working after 36 months of light use. The issue appears to be a malfunctioning ON/OFF switch. The camera is always on....regardless of the position of the ON/OFF switch... and can only be turned off by removing the battery. I took really good care of the camera and it's not because of abuse or any type of mis-treatment. I'm now faced with paying the $200 to have the camera repaired by Olympus so that I can sell it. My research indicates that many, many people have the same issue with their EM5 MKII, so I can only assume that Olympus is aware of a defect in their camera. I wish they would own the issue and fix it without charge, but oh well. I'm annoyed enough about the whole thing that I'm toying around with selling all my Oly gear and getting back into my old trusty Canon stuff. Never had an issue with them. Good luck.
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November 11, 2018 by DP
Quality, durability, and portability
This camera is perfect balance between the EM-1 and EM-10 series. I used to be a mid-range DSLR owner and decided to make the switch in order to make my gear more portable. The quality has beyond surpassed my previous camera. The image stabilization is my favorite feature, since it lets you go about one to two stops higher when shooting in low light conditions! Overall and excellent, well-constructed, and feature filled camera!
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October 22, 2018 by Chris
Compact and Powerful
I have used this camera for over two years now and still love it. The Image Stabilization is a must for me because I am not always the best at holding still. Love the size. Easy to pack. This is my go to travel camera.
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