April 9, 2015 by Ken
I've moved from different mirrorless brands and finally settled with the EM-5 MKII as my daily carry around. Historically, autofocus has been a problem with mirrorless cameras but for the most part it seems that Olympus has done a very good job with CDAF only in their E-M5 line up. The EM1 will do better for focus locking on the moving subjects but the EM5 MKII has several bells and whistles that cannot be overlooked in making a purchase decision : 180 degree swivel screen, smaller footprint, and the 40MP mode, all these features are handy as a landscape shooter who wants to carry less and be able to go farther without hauling too much gear. My favourite lens used on this camera is the 9-18mm as it makes it a pocketable combination for my long hikes in the Pacific northwest. And if weather sealing is necessary I Just pop on the m zuiko 12-40mm Pro lens and I've got no worries for water ingress. One last comment is that I applaud Olympus for changing the grip and the extra chin on the front face makes it a bit better for one handed operation.
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April 6, 2015 by windcoast
Great camera
Just picked up the camera a few days ago and I'm very impressed with it. Really like the feel of the camera, it feels light but very solid, something that I could bring everywhere and not have to worry about. The image quality is good, maybe not the best on the market, but the size and versatility make up for that. Haven't had a chance to use the high res mode very much yet, but from the basic usage I've done it seems to work and gives a good result.
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April 4, 2015 by Craig
A Great Photography Tool
This new E-M5 Mark II is a great camera in almost every respect. I liked and really used my EM5, but this goes beyond that. The extra controls can be intimidating, but they are a huge asset to your control while shooting. The much improved LCD and EVF screen resolutions is a huge improvement. Better weather sealing and improved Image Stabilization makes this a better tool also. The flip-out screen will be a benefit in some situations, but some may like the flip up and down "old style". That is my only negative. Everything else is a positive improvement over the original E-M5. Definitely buy the E-M5 Mark II if you don't need the built-in grip or PDAF of the E-M1, and enjoy the great images.
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April 3, 2015 by Reba
Amazing Upgrade
This is a huge step forward from the original EM-5. The video upgrades are worth the camera alone. I love the feel of the buttons and the camera just feels great in my hand. I have had the original EM-5, EM-10, and EM-1 and this is my favorite out of all of them.
March 29, 2015 by RKMagill
So far so good!
From the incredible packaging to first use - this camera is amazing. It is a little overwhelming at first and the quick guide that comes in the box made me quickly go to the website and download the full manual. There are so many functions. Once you learn the 4 different function buttons and the 2 dials it becomes much easier. The size and weight of the camera is nice. I have big hands so I am already looking at the HLD-8 Battery holder grip. With the M.40-150mm 2.8 Pro lens attached the camera is formidable, and takes amazing low light photos from a distance. In a completely dark auditorium it grabbed crystal clear pictures of players on stage. I am really looking forward to opportunities to use this new toy at upcoming track meets and next season's football and volleyball games!
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