April 26, 2015 by Douglas John
no camera does everything
No camera does everything. But OM-D E-M5 Mark II does a lot very well. Hand held video is great. Picture quality is also great. Doing HDR with this camera is a breeze. I shoot mainly in RAW and out put is mostly in the form of prints. The high res. option is very good. I am 60 years old have used everything from 1/2 frame 35mm up to 11x14 inch view cameras. The OM-D E-M5 Mark II is like having a camera that can cover the range of a 35mm camera to a 4x5 view camera, but without the shifts and tilts. Get to know this camera and it quirks, set up the buttons to how you shoot and then put it up against any other camera and you will not be disappointed. The camera is just a tool for creating pictures, get to know this one and it will serve you well.
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April 22, 2015 by JMW
OM-D E-M5 Mark II Travel System
Having enjoyed a thirty five year professional photography career and now retired I needed to build a new system based upon size and weight reduction without the loss of total creative control for my travels. Over my career, I've owned many camera systems and formats and after much research I've returned to my OM roots with the purchase of E-M5 Mark II. I could not be anymore happy with the choice. My travels are primarily on a motorcycle and the weather sealing OM-D System along with E-M5's lighter weight and smaller size form is a dream come true. I enjoy the full auto functions for quicker shots and use the manual settings for finer composition needs about equally. Of course, it's also about the glass too!
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April 14, 2015 by Peter A.
Great Camera with tons of feaures
Before buying this camera I watched all the YouTube Videos, read every review I could find and downloaded and read the owner’s manual. I also copied and saved pictures of this camera as well as the E-M1 (to compare them side by side). I have a Stylus 1 which is a great little point and shoot and an E-M10 which I have enjoyed using. I bought the E-M10 used and bought all 3 Sigma 2.8 DN primes to go with it as well as the Panasonic 45-275 zoom and a Rokinon 12mm f2.0. I was planning on upgrading to the E-M1 if I liked the E-M10 but when I saw the looks, features and layout as well as the write ups of the E-M5 Mark II I decided to buy it (Silver) with the HLD-8G grip. Having read the owner’s manual I decided to try re-purposing 2 of the Function buttons. The front preview button I converted to the magnification function – especially useful for manual focusing with my old tired eyes. The HDR button I changed to the electronic zoom feature doubling the range of whatever lens is attached. The only drawback here is you can’t use the zoom magnification feature then go to the electronic zoom you have to shut off the camera and go back to it. You can go from electronic zoom to magnification however. Using the camera I put the grip on it right away because that is feel I was looking for and it fits great in my hands. I will probably try and pick up a used battery grip at some point. My hands are about average size and with the grip everything just lines up perfectly for me. I have it set in Aperture Priority and large fine as my standard. I also wove a Para cord quick disconnect (on the Camera’s strap loop) that links to a para cord survival bracelet I made so it is a quick lock in and sets the camera up perfectly for 1 hand shooting. Shooting with the camera has produced great indoor low light shots, some incredible night shots with the 12mm 2.0 and beautiful outdoor images. I can’t wait to use this on vacation; I can see my K-3 getting less use just because of size and weight. I am still contemplating saving for the 12-40mm 2.8 as well as the 45mm 1.8. So I don’t have a lot of pictures with this yet but the ones I have taken look great. I will be keeping the E-M10 - I might put the zoom on it and use the E-M5 Mark II with the primes – not sure but it is nice to have these options. Note: I also own and use a Nikon D7000 (and its predecessors) and a slew of Nikon 2.8 lenses and my favorite Pentax K-3 (and its Predecessors) and the great 18-135 for walking around and just taking great vacation pictures. I also have 2 IR converted cameras 1 with an 850nm filter and the other a 650nm filter. So although not a pro I have used a lot of camera and lens combinations over the years before settling on this group.
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April 9, 2015 by Ken
I've moved from different mirrorless brands and finally settled with the EM-5 MKII as my daily carry around. Historically, autofocus has been a problem with mirrorless cameras but for the most part it seems that Olympus has done a very good job with CDAF only in their E-M5 line up. The EM1 will do better for focus locking on the moving subjects but the EM5 MKII has several bells and whistles that cannot be overlooked in making a purchase decision : 180 degree swivel screen, smaller footprint, and the 40MP mode, all these features are handy as a landscape shooter who wants to carry less and be able to go farther without hauling too much gear. My favourite lens used on this camera is the 9-18mm as it makes it a pocketable combination for my long hikes in the Pacific northwest. And if weather sealing is necessary I Just pop on the m zuiko 12-40mm Pro lens and I've got no worries for water ingress. One last comment is that I applaud Olympus for changing the grip and the extra chin on the front face makes it a bit better for one handed operation.
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April 6, 2015 by windcoast
Great camera
Just picked up the camera a few days ago and I'm very impressed with it. Really like the feel of the camera, it feels light but very solid, something that I could bring everywhere and not have to worry about. The image quality is good, maybe not the best on the market, but the size and versatility make up for that. Haven't had a chance to use the high res mode very much yet, but from the basic usage I've done it seems to work and gives a good result.
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