June 20, 2015 by Arnie
Fantastic Camera
This is a terrific camera. For me, the two major selling points (compared to the M1), the full articulating screen and the improvements made to focus peaking (more colors and intensity). I didn't realize how much I missed the articulating screen until I was out in the field with the camera and was able to put the camera into some low angle shots that I couldn't do as easily with the M1. The improvements made to the focus peaking system is a blessing. The M1 is OK at best, the Mark 2 is great! The degree of customization is staggering. The manual does a decent job at explaining the options. But, it's still a camera manual and is lacking in clarity. I don't think there is too much that can't be found with a Google search if you need more information. One minor disappointment is the buffer speed. Maybe I'm being a little nit picky on this but I would like to have seen a bigger internal buffer to speed up processing. Another minor gripe, I do wish Olympus would get away from the proprietary USB connector on the camera body. I bought the camera without the extended grip. The grip design on the Mark 2 is excellent and I have large hands. Ergonomics and button layout is terrific. Image quality will blow you away with the higher end lenses. With the lower end lenses, it's still great. The 75mm lens is ridiculous, I love it. I bought the camera with the 12-40 Pro lens and that lens is absolutely terrific and doesn't leave the camera body. The autofocus capability of the camera is really great. I haven't tried it yet on moving subjects (sports), so I won't comment either way. I didn't think there were too many things that were negative about the M1, I adore that camera. The Mark 2 takes everything to a new level. At this point I haven't tried any of the "Live" mode features so I can't comment on that technology. I would say that's another minor gripe for the manual - more detailed explanations on the "Live" modes. All in all, the E-M5 Mark II is an amazing camera, well done Olympus. The camera really does open up some new avenues for Photography.
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June 16, 2015 by West Coast
Welcome improvements
I've been a happy owner of original E-M5. Now I'm happier with my Mark II. Many improvements to name. Wi-fi remote control was the most important for me. Now you can compose your interesting angle shots without crawling on dirt etc. Your smart phone is both your remote monitor and remote shutter. Completely silent electronic shutter is a wonder for street / event photography. Unlike original E-M5; now the bundled mini-flash acts as commander for FP (HSS) shots. So I can use my existing FP flash as a wireless remote unit. My wish list for Mark III : an improved sensor for higher ISO (just like sister Sony sensors) and hopefully a first wireless radio flash?
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June 14, 2015 by RONALD
Great camera
This camera is a marvel. Although I am still learning the features I am amazed at how easy it is to have pro grade photos with little to no effort. The camera is just that smart. I have used the mark 2 for landscapes and mostly family shots. Although some say it not great at action shots I can attest that it is quite able to keep up with the action of a little league baseball game to freeze the action from running bases to the pitch, swing, and hit. Battery runs fast especially when you turn off the auto sleep which got very annoying during programming my personal settings. The two times crop is something to keep in mind when picking your lens 25mm is a comparable to 50mm in a DSLR 35mm.
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June 7, 2015 by Paul
Superb small camera with great performance
I wanted a system camera with less weight and size compared to DSLR's, and a range of weather sealed lenses since I enjoy shooting macro and nature in the field as well as travel shots where weather and environment can be challenging sometimes. After doing a great deal of research, I chose Olympus because of the high quality Pro zooms and the lovely little 60mm Macro. I chose the new EM5 II because of the great feature set, and the relatively rugged body compared to many other mirrorless cameras. Image quality is surprisingly good from the EM5 II, and in my opinion the JPEG engine is better here than the original EM5. The RAW files are really the way to go though if you use Lightroom or PhotoShop etc., but for JPEGs these are very nice - but if you're a pixel peeper then go with the RAW files. But where this camera really shines is when used with the Pro zooms in my opinion. I have the 12-40 and the 40-150 f2.8 zooms, and both yield superb images, and the manual/auto focus ring selector is very useful. Focusing is very fast even in relatively low light, and the famous 5 axis stabilization in the EM5 II is almost magically good. I have rarely wished I had a tripod with me. Anyway, I highly recommend you consider this camera if it appeals to your needs. What really sold me on Olympus, as I said earlier, was the lens selection combined with the amazing 5 axis stabilizer. Of course, you can also use any Panasonic M43 lens as well, not to mention various other 3rd party lenses and adapted lenses. And no matter what lens you use it's stabilized. Lastly for macro fans, I think this camera is especially worthy of consideration because the 5 axis stabilizer makes sharp handheld macros possible where less stabilized camera/lens combinations might not. Plus you get double the depth of field with micro four thirds, which has its tradeoffs. Sure, compared to 35mm full frame you'll have less blurry bokeh at the same aperture, but for macros the increased depth of field is a plus, making it easier to get more of your tiny subject in focus.
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May 24, 2015 by Stephen
I love this camera!!!
I love this camera. The images are great, and it handles fine. The lens selection is fantastic, compared to my previous mirrorless camera. After receiving this camera, I've decided to start selling my old 4 pound DSLR. This is perfect cure for DSLR-ARM. Wish list: 1. The sensor that switches between the LCD and EVF is too sensitive. It switches displays when you are 6" away. 2. The camera needs an internal flash.
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