December 17, 2015 by MaryH
Great colours
I upgraded from my previous Olympus digital camera to the OM-D E-M5/ii and am loving the new camera. It is really easy to take multiple pictures with the touch-screen shutter release for easy bracketing of studio shots. The colours are perfect and need hardly any adjusting, which is really important for my textile work. The lenses are so sharp and clear too - a real step-up from my previous model.
December 17, 2015 by Amber
Love This Camera
I can't say enough about how much I love this camera. The picture quality is amazing. It does everything these big bulky camera do and in most cases is better. It's compact with programable buttons. I took it on a two week long holiday in Costa Rica recently it was so wonderful not worrying that it might rain a bit and wreck my camera. And the thing is built like a tank so I could hang it around my neck and walk through a jungle not worrying I may fall and wreck my camera. I found it very comfortable to hold. I found it had a really great battery life. If there is a down side then that is it has a micro four thirds lens system but so far I haven't been disappointed yet. Love this camera. You should buy one.
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December 14, 2015 by Sol
Love this camera
Great camera. I was using an EPL6 previously and this is miles better in handling. The hi-res mode is very impressive. Olympus, please allow focus bracketing in Hi-res mode! This camera is very customizable and the image stabilization is fantastic. It will take a little while to fully set up to your liking but the amount of options one has is very much appreciated.
December 13, 2015 by PhotoNewb
Amazing Camera
Got this camera after researching for a while now. Still trying to learn to use all of its functions but besides that the camera is a thing of beauty. The body looks amazing and has a really good feel to it. The waterproof feature is a nice addition and the the software has lots of different functions. Images are fantastic, stabilization is one of the best. Havent fully tinkered arount with the video yet. I am currently saving up to get one of the pro lens to see what differences it can make with the camera...cant wait. Overall love this thing!
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November 25, 2015 by Steel
Overall Great camera-- nothing is perfect
I had just purchased a Canon 7d mkII 3 months prior. Ran by the camera shop and there were some prints laying out I noticed the amazing depth field and color.. then played around with one in store. went home and kept thinking about, did some research, so a week or so later I purchased the Limited Edition body.. honestly its the sexiest looking camera body I've ever seen. Easy to hold, light, compact. Has a lot of great features. Love the ability to upload a quality image to my phone and send it to my clients right after their photoshoot. The 5 axis image stabilization is amazing. I have regularly pointed my camera to the sky handheld and snapped amazing pics of the moon and stars, that normally I would have to have a tripod to get the results. I love everything about it. However I'm only giving it 4 stars due to a minor / major issue that I have experienced with it. I got it the next day I took it out and was gonna use it on a photoshoot. I had played around with it at home prior to leaving for the photoshoot. Got to the photoshoot the view screen was not working. I was determined to use it. I shoot in manual so I just treated it like an old school camera. I had my canon with me on this photoshoot and was doing comparison pics. took it home and was amazed, the lighting, color, depth were all amazing. and that was without the view screen. So that next morning I went to the camera shop, they swapped it out with another Limited Eds. they had in stock. So took my now 2nd LE home shot with it for about 2 weeks, then one evening I was doing an overhead shot decided to try the swivel screen and the screen went black... having had this issue prior I immediately felt the screen and felt that it was warm to the touch,. Called my buddy who works at the camera shop (after hours) he called his Olympus rep. I took it back to the store and the rep had them replace it again. SO I've owned 3 of the Limited Edition bodies. So far the 3rd is a charm, hope it stays that way. because I love the product and the quality it helps me produce.
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