May 13, 2019 by Andrew
Great Camera!
This camera is so amazing. Bought it specifically for Costa Rica and the Rain Forest and it never let me down. Great pictures and stood up to the constant rain.
May 11, 2019 by Trevor
So glad I bought this camera
I come from a film background and only recently switched to digital. I spent a lot of time on youtube watching camera reviews. I also spent a lot of time in camera stores looking at different cameras at different price points. What won me over initially was the price and kit lens. I was very happy with the price point of the Olympus OMD e-m5 mk 2 but the 14-150 kit lens was what won me over. Having such a wide focal range really means I can just get out there and shoot photos rather than wondering which lens to take today and pretty much guaranteeing myself that I'd bring the wrong one. Being weather sealed also really helps open up options for shooting. I love being able to just grab my camera and go. Like a lot of people, I rely on youtube for reviews more than any other source. Now youtube hasn't been altogether kind to Olympus. I saw complaints about their menu system and the m43 sensor in general. Honestly, having bought it I cannot see why these were ever issues. The menus are clearly and logically laid out. All the things anybody would want to get at are quickly accessible. Maybe it's because there are so many customization options available to users of Olympus cameras that the reviewers simply were overwhelmed by this and thought they were too difficult. I can tell you, they just aren't difficult at all. As for the m43 format in general and the 16 megapixel sensor in this camera. My computer has a high res Retina display. I cannot view on my computer any of my photos in "full screen mode". The resolution of each photo is higher than what my computer can display. Now obviously you can see the entire photo if you scale it down to your display so don't worry, you can see your photo. The point of all this is, if you're taking photos to look at on your computer or 4k tv, then 16 megapixels is actually more than what you'll ever need. If you print, this resolution will print a very sharp 11x14 print at 300dpi. I don't know any average person that prints larger than this but if they did, it's the kind of size format that you'd stand back from to view on a wall and then you can get away with an even lower dpi. I've also heard on youtube that the bokeh produced by m43 is poorer than full frame. I just have to ask, how blurry do you need things? I can easily get photos with bokeh so blurry and creamy that they look like you're watching a dream sequence through a set of cataracts. If you need more than that why not take up painting instead? I love the styling of this camera as well, but that's secondary to all my other requirements in a camera. It's easy to use. Produces very sharp, clear photos, it's capable of beautiful background bokeh, the IBIS stabilization produces amazing results hand held. I can get photos I used to need a tripod to accomplish. The included kit lens is just amazing. I'm really happy with my purchase if you couldn't tell. It's nice when you've done your research, took a gamble against some poor advice you got on youtube, and turned out to have been more than right. I'd buy another Olympus camera again in a heartbeat.
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May 8, 2019 by Sr. Photo Nut
Have had one for a year and want a duplicate
I love the OM-D E-M5 Mark II so much I want a second one so that I don't have to change lenses.
April 26, 2019 by Richard
Dissatisfied!!! I've been an Olympus fan for over 10 years. WAS looking forward to a this camera to capture amazing video.
Rave reviews by fans of my photography galleries on the still shots captured. However, I am not a little bit disappointed with the video capability. Lots of time wasted in the field thinking the video mode matched the still shot capability - not! Video plays back like 30p instead of the 60p setting of the camera. No sound, though the live mic menu indicates sound is being picked.
April 2, 2019 by Philip
Great performing camera
I've been using this body for 3 years now and I must say it's a very pleasant camera to use. I've been a long time Olympus user (E-500, E-620, E-5, EM-10) and this body is very performant. The body itself is very compact and rugged. I put it under pressure during my Iceland winter trip this past february, and got it regularly very wet with waves and waterfalls. It performed very well all along. The buttons can be difficult to find and press with gloves, but that means the body is compact enough to enjoy carrying along all day. I find it a good match for the PRO lenses I have (12-40, 7-14 and 40-150). The image quality is very good also. Shooting RAW lets me recuperate enough detail in the highlights and shadows. I would like a bit more megapixels, but I was still able to print a 30x40'' canvas that looks very nice. In summary, this is a camera I strongly recommend for anyone that wants not only to get great results, but also wants to enjoy shooting beautiful images.
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