March 2, 2016 by Marc
Amazing Camera!!
This is my on the go camera these days. I have a DSLR user for a long time but the size of them keeps them on the shelf. OMD EM1 is very intuitive, versatile especially with the Pro Lens12-40 mm f2.8. From landscape to headshot photograpy. It is fast enough for action photo for my use and taste. The flip screen is a big plus for me for some unusual angles. EVF is clear and fast. Most of all is the in body image stabilization is amazing, it helps a lot in low light photography.
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February 25, 2016 by Erica
Expensive but Amazing!
I really enjoying this camera. It was beautiful right out of the box, I couldn't believe my eyes. This camera focused faster and nailed the focus point. Image sharpness better than any of my previous olympus cameras. I absolutely love fast and clear shutter speeds. Camera has to many features to mention, but the most important is the images look great and the camera works flawlessly.
February 17, 2016 by KENT M.
WELL PHOTOGS, I made the jump to my first Oly E-M1 back in Nov. 2014 and was totally won over. In addition I have acquired all 4 Pro Lenses and have the new Pro 300mm f4 on order. That said, this E-M1 has won me over so completely, I purchased a second one in June 2015 (I always have two or more when I am out on a shoot. I now have one Black and one Silver E-M1. Everyone here has stated the case for owning this amazing camera so, I will add this comment, "The Oly E-M1 totally meets all my current photographic needs and the lens selection and quality paired with this camera can NOT be beat. My only request from Olympus is to hire a few Photogs and have them help the engineers to clean up the somewhat clunky menu system! I shoot Manual 99% of the time and menus are used only as a back-up to my work flow... "Get This E-M1, Black or Silver, You Will Not Have Any Regrets!" My Nikons are all collecting dust, even my D4, D800 and 2Df's, seldom used, Oly won my heart! Thank you Olympus Team, I am very well pleased with this Pro E-M1 System V/R The PhotogDog (Kent)
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February 17, 2016 by Renee
I really am beginning to believe there is nothing this camera can't do. The image stabilization is amazing. I can hand hold this camera and still get amazing pictures. I am still learning tons and can't wait to see what more I can accomplish. Love this camera so very much! Worth every penny!!! I am not a professional by any means, strictly a hobby for me, however it's so awesome to have a lightweight camera that I can everywhere and all the options available make this a camera you will never out grow!
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February 6, 2016 by Thomas
From full frame to Micro 4/3
I started shooting pro with digital with a Cannon, shortly upgrading to a Nikon full frame. But once I had the chance to shoot with the Olympus (EM10 at the time) I was quickly sold on capabilities and flexibility of M4/3 and what Olympus camera's could accomplish. I quickly sold all my Nikon and upgraded to the Olympus EM-1. This IS a professional camera. Weather sealed, sturdy body and of course excellent image quality. This camera inspires the photographer in me, it's not often a camera could do that. (Not since the 80's when I purchased my Ricoh xrp). Main reasons I made the switch: Image quality is on par with what I was using. (some will argue that a full frame will have better IQ at higher ISO's, which is true, but when I can shoot hand held at a second and get a sharp image thanks to axis image stabilization, I don't need those crazy high ISO's.) It's light, no more sore shoulders from carrying around a brick of a camera. Features: I could go on and on about the features, color wheel, smart phone connectivity, art modes that are actually appealing, custom button assignment, beautiful EVF... Speaking of the EVF, when having to shoot on the fly, I'd normally switch my camera to auto mode, no longer now that I have the EM-1. I can see my ISO/Shutter speed/aperture adjustments in real time in the EVF. I now shoot 98% in manual mode and get better results. If you are thinking of making the switch, I suggest do it... you won't be disappointed.
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