December 20, 2016 by Gregan
Top Notch Quality Camera and Lenses.
Having spent most of my adult life using om1's and om1n's and even a trusty om10 (my first slr), I knew I liked the size of that camera. I had my foray into digital photography with a wonderful 4/3 camera with a terrific Leica branded lens. However the size of the OM-D em-1 was very appealing, and the icing on the cake was the Zuiko Pro lenses designed to be used with it. When I saw the f1.8 8mm fisheye lens, I had to have it, and that clinched the em-1 decision! The 7mm-14mm was also a must-have. Needless to say I'm a big wide-angle photo fan. 12-40mm was next on the list, and it was time to study this remarkable, and very complex camera. Well, that's still a work in progress as there are many custom options and many menus to memorize. Much to chew on! Of course a camera is only as good as the lenses put in front of it, and that's where Olympus shines. The quality of the new Pro lenses is palpable, and being dust/moisture-proof is a big plus. And the f1.8 8mm fisheye that drew me in from the get-go? Terrific piece of glass. Olympus deserves an award based on that lens alone. I'll have loads of fun with it. Like an old girlfriend, I'll never stop loving my OM-1n, however this em-1 brings the same emotion into the 21st century for me, and for that, Olympus, I am most grateful. Well done.
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December 17, 2016 by Sylvie
A powerful, high quality camera
After using the E-M10 (which I loved) for 18 months, I switched to the E-M1 because I needed a camera that was splash-proof and freeze-proof. Well, I absolutely adore the E-M1! Even though it’s a bit heavier and bulkier than the E-M10, its size and weight are still very reasonable. The image quality is superb, and it has quite a few nice features (like focus stacking). I am more than satisfied with this camera.
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November 11, 2016 by Daniel r tantono
love its
I am used em1 more than 2 years old, this is great camera with small and light body. love its
November 10, 2016 by Mike
Great Camera
Well built camera with great features for being creative with the shot s I take. Love the EVF, which is one the main reasons I purchased this camera. I have a pl2 which I love for candid shots, but missed a viewfinder.
October 12, 2016 by Daniel
Yes the Flagship
I recently purchased the E- M1 wanting a second camera to go with my E-M10 Mk II, while they are both great and featured packed the E-M1 is really the top of the line. I can see why it's the choice of professionals. Everything is just a customize-able button away, setup is easy and every condition can be met for any shooting style. My camera came native with firmware 4.1 so it's the latest and greatest just behind the EM1 MKII without the wait or more expense. Quality is top notch as in all Olympus products I've owned The full weather resistance was a key feature to get a second/ third Olympus. I've always been an Olympus user going back to my full size VHS camcorder and 5MP C5050Z. I currently also own the TG-4 so needless to say the Olympus brand has given me everything I wanted and needed in video and still photography. With a new grand daughter on the way I'll have the finest equipment to capture my newest loving addition to my family.
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