March 29, 2015 by Tue
Addition to the omd em10
Bought this camera in addition of the OM-D E-M10, seems to fit my M.12-40mm pro lens better. Pro lens stay on this unit and using all the prime lenses with the E-M10.
March 13, 2015 by Jerry
Awesome E-M1, Another Great Photgraphic Tool
I got my OM-D E-M1 recently, and must say it is truly an amazing camera. I got it mainly because it has a built-in grip, which improves the balance and handling of the camera dramatically. But my second reason for getting this camera was the 16.3 MP sensor, and the dual autofocus system, for contrast or phase detect focus, to allow using my existing 4/3 lenses. Not to mention Wi-Fi, HDR shooting, and Tethering to a computer. I have not used the video yet, but I will eventually get to using it more, but for now, I am happy knowing it is available. I have little projects coming up, requiring video. The layout of the controls of the E-M1 is much improved over the E-M5 (for me). The playback button on the E-M5 was in a terrible location, but on the E-M1 it seems to be where it needs to be. I just downloaded Olympus Capture software, and used it initially. It seems to operate flawlessly with my E-M1. I used the USB cable that came with the camera, which is about 4.5 feet long… I will need one about 10 to 12 feet long. A larger studio could probably use a cable 18 to 20 feet, depending on space available. It would be nice if there was a printed manual for Oly Capture, or at least an On-Line manual. Or is there? (and I just missed it?) Next, I set up Olympus Image Share App on my cell phone. (When you activate Wi-Fi on the E-M1, a special bar code will be displayed on the E-M1’s monitor) After you install OI. Share on your phone, it will ask you to scan your device (E-M1) for the bar code, which then links the phone and camera. (I was slow, and had trouble figuring this out… since I was doing this ALL with-OUT reading any manual, just “winging” it.) But then, magically, they were connected, and all my images in the E-M1 showed up on the phone… Wow… I just selected the ones I wanted to share!! Really, quite easy! I Love the E-M1; I especially like the “lock” on the mode dial. I look forward to using the art filters more. I find the “partial color” filter to be the most interesting. Color Creator is next on the list to try. One last point… I shoot quite a few images in the vertical (portrait) format; and often I have to get very low to the ground. The Tilt monitor just does not work so well with that shot. Maybe your E-M3 (or E-M1 mk-2) will have the tilt swivel monitor as used on the E-M5 mk-2. This OM-D E-M1 is a great camera. The build quality is supreme on this camera, and all operations are crisp and precise. The operation of the tilt monitor seems more precise than that of the E-M5 as well. The E-M1 is a marvel to hold and use. It has become my favorite camera (not to slight my E-500 and E-5). Maybe I’m just “Died in the Wool Olympus”. By the way, where do you get those OM-D hats?
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March 1, 2015 by Kenny
Wedding Camera of our DREAMS!
Coming from the four thirds system this camera is by far worth every dollar. Light, Compact, and durable. This whole system is a dream to work with. Only con we have is the placement of the record button. Its so close to Fn2 button and press the wrong one from time to time. Easy fix is to change the button in the button program mode but other then that its stellar. 320 sync speed has made our wedding photography a game changer. We get the fake sky look with flash set up. The other two big guys cant to this.
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February 24, 2015 by Burt
Excellent Camera
I had been using Canon digital SLR's for years and since I am getting up in years, I decided to look into a smaller camera. After reading extensively the reviews of various micro 4/3 camera's, I opted for the EM-1. Smartest move I have made photography wise. After using it for a month, I sold all my Canon equipment. The pictures are gorgeous and the camera is like an extension of my arm. So intuitive to use. The controls are all in the right place and the menu's are easy to use. I have to say that once you get the settings to your likeness, you rarely have to go back in. I do mostly scenic and macro and it excels at both. I love being able to get to the HDR settings easily. Like many other people, I wish Olympus would have put a full paper manual in the box. I have the PDF file, but it is a pain in the neck to use and too many pages to print out. For those people like me I recommend a book by David Busch simply named "Olympus OM-D E-M1 Digital Photography" I like this camera so much, that I bought an OMD E-M10 as a backup. Thanks Olympus.
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February 13, 2015 by Joshua C
One Year with my EM-1. Momentum Made Magic.
I am writing my second review of OMD EM-1. I shoot in raw always and I want to first discuss the quality of the raw files. Second, I walk more than five miles at times taking photography walks with my OMD EM-1. It's portability will be highlighted. On a final abridged note, the advanced menu system, dials and buttons are ideal for someone who multipurposes his or her images and his or her photography techniques. OMD EM-1. Breathe deeply. I have read other reviews discussing chromatic aberration and noise presence in the camera's raw files. I use lens hoods and filters to reduce and eliminate color distortion as well as haloing in the raw file. If any remains, I remove it in Adobe Camera Raw. For noise, I have seldom seen color noise in ISO below 1600. I have an HD video card and display. In those cases, it was in water with long shutter speeds. In all cases, it can be removed in Adobe Camera Raw. I love walking with my OMD EM-1. My many M.Zuiko lenses are light just as is the OMD EM-1 body. Thus the 'Micro' in Micro Four Thirds. Why is the portability important to long distances other than weight? For birds, as an example, walking on a trail and shooting them requires luck, skill, and a sharp eyesight. The further you walk, the more chances you have of photographing birds. A light and portable camera system is a must: for the target subjects and your back! Having options says you have control over your photos, but more importantly over your workflow. An advanced menu system and ergonomic dials and buttons are a must. I shoot in raw with a 16:9 aspect ratio. My initial audience is two tv stations. They sort through my images for backgrounds often. 16:9 aspect ratio is Cinematic, wide screen TV. However, my second purpose for some of my photos is stock photography. The OMD EM-1 is completely able to do stock photography. One final purpose I would like to mention is selling photography prints. As a print, usually a different aspect is needed depending on the customer. As for the buttons and dials on the OMD EM-1 body, I have the hands of a pianist. You can do a lot of customization with it. My OMD EM-1 is just the way I like it. So can yours. If you want Pro level Performance and Prestige, Portability and Acessibility Potential, and a Device that out does all others -- Olympus OMD EM-1 is your next camera. ---- Original review (posted March 2014) Photo Fantastic. Rev'd up Video. I have great success with my new OMD EM-1. The transition from my previous Olympus camera to the OMD EM-1 was seamless and effortless. The higher ISO choices are very powerful with no noise present. The micro four thirds and Pro lens choices highly flatter this dynamic camera. Burst mode is ideal for quick moving wildlife, or fidgeting young children. The speed of the camera breaks the sound barrier. Sunrises and sunsets gain acutely more detailed precision with the Shadow and Highlight adjustments feature. Having two dials to control Aperture and Shutter in Manual Shooting mode turns the camera into almost a musical instrument. The OMD EM-1 sings Italian Opera. One scene mode that intrigues me is hand-held starlight. The North Star and its siblings come through clearly holding the camera in my hand. Frigid river air temperatures are yet to overpower the OMD EM-1. At 20 degrees Fahrenheit I was able to capture the ending of a beautiful sunset with no condensation to think of. The HD video produced with the OMD EM-1 is of excellent quality, particularly with its stereo sound. In combination with the various shooting modes and lenses, your creative potential sky rockets. Images created with the OMD EM-1 exceed industry potential. Photoshop smiles when I open them. If you want to be the leader of your photography abilities, the OMD EM-1 is the camera of choice for you.
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