February 26, 2017 by Scuba Guy Jack
Not sturdy enough
I want to give this Olympus Lens Hood LH-76 four stars, but I just can’t justify it. While I find the ease of use and convenience of the Olympus Lens Hood LH-76 for my M.Zuiko ED 40-150mm f2.8 PRO Zoom lens to be a plus, I fear that the lens hood is over-engineered, with too many moving parts that make it too fragile for hard use in the field. I like the simple way it collapses for storage with a slight twist of the knurled barrel. It is very convenient in studio or non-stressful candid street use. Nevertheless, I have been through two of these already and for almost $60.00 each, I would rather replace it with something less fragile that I can use in the field without having to chase the loose parts down a mountainside. Once it falls apart, you can never recover all the tiny parts involved in its function. And it does fall apart. Even if you did recover all the parts, good luck with reassembling them. You need to produce a static, solid lens hood for this lens. The LH-76 is just not sturdy enough for nature, sports, or even wedding photography. Weddings can get pretty rough.
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September 19, 2016 by Marc
falls apart after several months
The original and 2 replacements have fallen apart. Doesn't last more than a couple of months. As good as the cameras and lenses are. Wish I could say the same for the lens hood.
May 30, 2016 by Petko
it felt apart after few months of use
The lens hood is pretty clever. However after a month in my bag it felt apart - one ball bearing felt out of place and soon after that the metal stripe used as a spring mechanism also felt. After few deconstructions and fixations I've managed to loose one of the ball bearings and metal stripes and now I have to order a new hood. So 5 stars for the idea of the hood, 2 for quality.
January 5, 2016 by Jerry
Excellent Lens Hood
I got this lens hood (LH-76) included when I got my 40-150mm f/2.8 Pro Lens. I like it so well, I think I will order an extra one, just to have a spare on hand, in the event I should damage or loose the original. The lens hood is so impressive, by the way you can slide it back for storage, or while not in use, and then quickly extend it outward for shooting. The action is quick and sure; I leave it on my lens almost all the time. The only bad feature in this process is, when the hood is retracted back for storage, and you set the camera and lens down (when Not using the tripod adapter), sideward force on the lens hood causes it to wobble on the barrel of the lens; which is fairly distracting! Maybe this could have been eliminated (or the affect lessened) by increasing the diameter of the zoom ring (and possibly the focus ring), which the hood wobbles against. This wobble does not affect the hood’s usefulness though. The hood also serves as a shield for the front of the lens, which probably prevents the snap focus ring from getting accidentally bumped into manual mode! This hood has been well designed with the photographer in mind.
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