October 28, 2015 by Torsten
Small Lens hood tends to fall off
Plastic lens hood - Very easy mounting and fits nicely on the lens. Works nicely but adds even more bulk to the already big 12-40 lens. Due to the nature of with Wide angle zoom lens don't expect much in terms of lens protection. Using the waterproof lens in the rain you going to have water on your lens. It also has a tendency to fall off the 12-40 lens. Loosing this can become an expensive hobby....
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October 10, 2015 by Cecily
Too bad it falls off, all the time!
One would think that, with the great engineering that has gone into the Pro series, as well,as the OM-D series, Olympus would,get their act together in designing hoods that stay on! Current design is pure JUNK!!!!! After losing two,of these, Imhave gone for a rubber collapsible hood. Message to Olympus-either design and manufacture a,product that does justice to the rest of the product line,,or come clean and say you are manufacturing and selling an inferior product..and in fact, reduce the lens price to,account for this!!!
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October 8, 2015 by richard
Lens Hood Breakage
I love the lens; however, the lens hood needs some work. This is an expensive lens and I would think that the lens hood should last more than 6 months. I do a lot of hiking and have used the lens during all four seasons. Right now I'm left with using an improvised lens hood until I find a replacement. First one of the buttons broke, exposing a spring, then the second broke a few months later. I love the lens, but hate the lens caps. It needs a serious review and replacement.
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September 12, 2015 by Vincent
Falls off
While on vacation in California on a very sunny day I was shooting with a sling mounted to the tripod socket the hood must have popped off while I was walking. One of the release buttons must have hit my hip and off it went without me knowing until I tried to snap a picture in bright sunlight. I've been using a sling for five years with my Olympus cameras with 12 different lenses. I have never had a lens hood pop off until the LH-66 decided to depart on its own. Serious design flaw! I'm looking for alternatives but what I realy want is for Olympus to design a lens hood with a positive lock for the m.Zuiko 12-40 mm Pro. It is well past a reasonable amount of time to fix this problem based on all the complaints about this problem on various blogs and reviews.
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June 21, 2015 by Anthony
A good lens hood
I use this hood quite often and unlike the others. I have not have the hood fall off yet. I can understand how it could be an issue but so far I have lucky. The hood is made of some kind of hard plastic, so if it does fall It will most likely break. Otherwise, as a lens hood it does work without it vignetting the images throughout the zoom range. The neat thing about this hood is that it can be installed backwards and still lock onto the lens for storage
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