May 29, 2017 by Philip
Very poorly designed.
In spite of some of the other reviews stating this adapter is well made it is in fact a very weak and poorly designed unit and is a major disappointment in an otherwise excellent camera system. The material that the adapter is made from is plastic and it is prone to cracking, one of mine broke right across the radius after only a month or so of occasional use. Secondly there the 'latching' mechanism is non-existent. Although the adapter screws reasonably securely to the lenses the small amount of rotation and extremely light-touch 'lock' onto the camera which deteriorates in a short time makes it very, very easy for the lens to just fall off the camera with the slightest knock. For a camera touting it's underwater capabilities this is obviously a huge flaw. After a short period of use and two CLA-T01 I can't trust putting the lens and adapter underwater or using the combination in any situation where there's a risk of dropping, which for me is most of the times I want to use it. This adapter needs to be redesigned and ideally retro-designed to improve the lenses security onto the legacy camera models. The adapter should be made of more robust material, by more resistant to cracking and very importantly it needs to have a better method of securing to the camera. Either a much longer turn arc or a spring-loaded lock to prevent it accidentally disengaging from the camera. If you are contemplating buying either of the two attachment lenses I encourage you to contact Olympus and request the replace this adapter, it's flaws aren't just it's own but can lead to you losing the much more expensive lenses too.
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November 26, 2015 by Scott
CLA-T01 Adapter
i bought an extra CLA-T01 adapter for my TG-4 so that i would have an exter adapter for filters and so i could use a UV filter and a lens cap on my TG-4 so glad i did well made and sturdy product. its a great addition to my Olympus quiver! i like having extra adapters and use them often. works great with all the hoya filters i want to use. i would buy another one in the future with out any hesitation
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May 9, 2015 by Jym
Be careful fragile
it's obviously necessary to have this and it comes with your lens. It makes changing lenses quick and easy but it's made out of plastic and breaks easily. I broke one because I left it on the lens and it got knocked over on the table. I broke another because it was cold outside and the thin plastic doesn't hold up well in the cold. My third one I take very good care of and it holds the lens in place very nicely.
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April 21, 2013 by Dean
Lens cap included
The adapter fits and looks great. But, I haven't found anywhere where it says a lens cap is included with the adapter, So, I ordered a lens cap when I ordered my adapter. Now I have a "spare" lens cap. You should include a lens cap is provided in the description.
January 1, 2013 by Gina
Love IT!
I LOVE this camera and the lenses! Perfect for any situation. Lightweight. Easy to carry. Best of all...fabulous pictures.
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