March 6, 2017 by Courtney
Does its Job
It charges the battery, not much else to say
June 2, 2016 by Flo
Hate the power cord, other than that great charger
charges relatively quick, good indication lights, charge complete it goes out, stays lit when charging plus there is an error light. I do not like the power cord! Plug Adapters are available so you can plug into that is what I will get. Get rid of the cord Olympus.
March 13, 2014 by Richard
Decent Charger but Horrble Power Cord
OK, it does what it is supposed to do - charge the battery. But the six foot power cord is ridiculous and completely inconvenient when travelling. And, this is not limited to chargers from Olympus. The obvious solution is a fold out plug but it is easier for manufacturers simply to use separate power cords in their different worldwide markets since there is no universal worldwide standard for power plugs and receptacles. A number of aftermarket chargers I've tried seem to do the job but do not give an accurate indication of the charge status and have a lower quality build. You can, however, buy separate plug adapters that eliminate the need to carry around the long power cord – they are available in straight and right angle configurations. The best is straight model YL-1113.made by Yung Li; if you google the name you will find the US distributor where there is a link to a retail source. For those who travel abroad, there are similar adapter plugs that fit directly to the charger. These little things are great because they allow the use of the OEM charger without the necessity of carrying along a bulky 6 foot cord or using an aftermarket charger of questionable quality.
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