July 5, 2014 by Manley
Not worth it
Does not add much zoom capability at all, not at all worth the purchase price. All of the other accesses for the TG-3 (LG-1 light guide, FCON-T01 19mm fish eye lens converter) work GREAT!! This is the only one to stay away from.
August 21, 2013 by Michael
camera must be set to telephoto
I don't think SAH's review is valid as the telephoto accessory is meant to be used with the camer'as lens set at telephoto. There is no "small circle" when used according to the instructions that came with the accessory telephoto. It's a great little accessory to the great little camera. Suggest SAH's review be deleted, as it is misleading.
August 20, 2013 by Diane
Not an ideal telephoto lens. They do not describe that this lens is a tiny circular zoom image of a single object surrounded by a blackout of everything in the background. If that's what u want great! I thought I was getting a normal telephoto lens! Used it once. Have a single pic I like and don't even carry it with me anymore. Please come out with a real telephoto attachment.
June 19, 2013 by Michael
unique, useful accessory for compact point/n shoot
First, I find the TG-2 an amazing little point'n shoot. It works great for for most of how I like to shoot. -- Usually in the (full frame SLR equiv.) 28 mm, or 100 mm perspective, rarely any length in between. The tele adds to the package, as my favorite, full-frame SLR lens for portraits, etc. is a fast, 135mm that has pleasing perspective and also can soft-focus the background. It is surprisingly sharp and corrected, provided the TG-2 is zoomed out to the telephoto range. The TG-2 is not superior to my full-frame SLR, only because any viewing screen is inferior to a through the lens viewfinder, especially in bright light. However, a mentor told me long ago, the only camera that counts is the one you have on you when a photo opportunity presents itself ... and that's why I'm liking the pocketable TG-2 more every day.
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June 8, 2013 by SAH
Not as advertised
The design of this lens is such that the field of view is becomes a small circle in the center of the original view window. You lose about 85% of the original view and any picture you take will have a large blacked out area that must be cropped. I don't think this is necessarily a defect but had I known this I would not have purchased the lens. Now I am out shipping costs simply because the web page fails to accurately describe the functionality of the lens.
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