Journalists – the details are everything.


That’s why Olympus digital recorders are engineered to capture every nuance, no matter how subtle.

Whether you’re in a one-on-one sit-down or a packed press conference, you can trust that your Olympus recorder will work as hard as you do. From crystal-clear sound quality and multiple recording formats to extreme battery life and easy organization, they’re a reporter’s dream. Never miss another detail – get an Olympus digital recorder today.


Get the story right.

We know that you need 100 percent accurate information.

That’s why Olympus digital recorders let you capture every detail of every interview. And with USB connectivity built into many models, organizing your recordings is easy.


Need a feature? We’ve got it.

Olympus has been creating innovative recorders for more than four decades.

Our latest digital recorders are no exception. The new DM-901 with available smartphone application is the first ever voice recorder with Wi-Fi capabilities which enables a totally new recording style. You can remotely control your device from a distance – which is perfect for news conferences or larger settings and the new user interface is more clear and easy to navigate. Add in the visual index using your Smartphones camera and you have a revolutionary voice recorder perfect for any situation.

There is also the DM-620’s voice activated recording and Tresmic three-microphone system as well as the uncompromising professional quality of the DS-2500; there’s nothing they don’t offer.


Works as hard as you.

At Olympus, we understand journalists.

We know the last thing you need to think about is your equipment. That’s why all of our recorders feature exceptional battery life, storage capacity and ease of use. You worry about getting the story right. Leave the recording to us.