NATURE – SOMETIMES You only get one shot.


In nature, things move fast. You need a recorder that moves even faster.

Olympus digital recorders let you capture rich, moving sound quickly and easily. Compact and durable, they’re out of your pocket and recording almost instantly. After all, if you miss it, it’s gone.


Any sound.

Loud or soft: With an Olympus recorder, it doesn’t matter.

If you can hear it, your Olympus digital recorder’s advanced microphones can capture it. Never miss another sound!


Name your feature.

Olympus has been creating innovative recorders for more than four decades.

Our latest digital recorders are no exception. From the DM-620′s voice-activated recording and Tresmic three-microphone system to the uncompromising professional quality of the LS-100, there’s nothing they don’t offer.


Log your sightings.

With an Olympus digital recorder, you’ll never lose track.

Our industry-leading digital recorders feature built-in time and date stamps, automatically reminding you when you captured that amazing sound.