filMmaking – Capture highest
quality video and sound with
our Revolutionary Combination.


Designed to capture high-quality audio, the easy-to-use LS-Series is the perfect companion for DSLR filmmaking.

With thoughtful features like dual XLR/1/4” inputs, multiple Linear PCM recording modes and phantom power, the LS- 100 is ready for your next project.


Connecting the LS-100

Attach the LS recorder to the OM-D E-M1 using a hot shoe mount (commercially available)

Connect a 1/8” (3.5mm) stereo mini-plug cable (like the Olympus KA-334 Compaticord) from the headphone output of the LS recorder to the MIC input jack of the OM-D E-M1.


Adjusting Levels

Manually set the headphone level of the LS recorder to the optimal desired setting. The level will influence the audio volume recorded to the E-M1’s video file.

Adjust the E-M1’s mic input audio feed sensitivity to Low,
Standard or High via the camera custom menu.
(Custom Menu > I: Movie > Recording Volume > Line-In)



Press REC once on the LS recorder to activate the high quality condenser microphones.
The audio captured by the microphones will be saved to the video file of the E-M1 as you record the video.

  • To save the audio to the LS recorder’s storage media, press REC again. You can then synchronize your video from the E-M1 and the audio files from your LS recorder using almost any editing software.
  • Press the one-touch direct movie button on the E-M1 to start video recording


Advantages of the Olympus
Revolutionary Combination

  • LS Series recorders are built with ease of use in mind. Adjusting levels or settings is quick and easy.
  • All LS series recorders offer a limiter function which ensures sudden loud sounds are not distorted.
  • XLR connection with the LS-100 allows for direct microphone input for the highest quality sound.
  • Recording levels can be set to manual or automatic so you are always capturing the best sound based on your environment.
  • Available accessories offer added options for superb recording.
  • The selectable low-cut filter option cuts unwanted bass sound or wind noise when recording.
  • Optional accessory offers a separate line out and headphone out to monitor recording while also routing the signal to your camera.
  • The OM-D E-M1 is equipped with the world’s first, ground-breaking 5-axis video stabilization technology that compensates for blur that occurs across five directions on three separate planes of motion (angular, transitional and rotary) that conventional built -in lens 2-axis systems are unable to handle.
  • The 5-axis system is built into the camera body to ensure effective stabilization with all lenses, allowing you to record smooth, clear videos even when walking or holding the camera (tripod no longer required)!
  • A Direct Movie Button switches you from still to movie mode with just the press of a button.
  • Shoot movies with Art Filters and change your Art Filter while shooting your movie – without missing a beat.