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Olympus digital recorders help you get organized and work smarter.

If you’re like most businesspeople, your company means everything to you. You put endless time and energy into providing the best products and services for your customers. Why put up with disorganization and wasted work? Whether you’re taking notes or taking advantage of a full dictation and transcription operation, Olympus business digital voice recorders can help you work smarter, faster and more profitably.


Work smarter.

Olympus digital voice recorders take the guesswork out of voice memos, dictation and transcription. With advanced features like USB connectivity, automatic date- and time-stamping and voice-activated recording, they make it easy to keep your recordings organized.


Save time. Save money.

Olympus digital recorders are designed to make your life easier. The devices and software are user-friendly, and controls are intuitive. Whatever you do, Olympus digital recorders work as hard as you do.


Pro systems for
pro users.

If your business, healthcare facility or government agency needs an enterprise-wide dictation and transcription solution, try our line of Professional Dictation Systems. They offer our most professional features – like premium workflow software and Dragon NaturallySpeaking compatibility – for our most professional users.